Chris Soules’ Ex Fights ‘Bachelor’ Fame: Doesn’t Want To Be Known For ‘Bachelor’ Show

Bachelor star Chris Soules may have found love with Whitney Bischoff on the season finale, but it sounds like some of his ex-girlfriends on the show may not be too pleased with being known from the show. Surely, they all went on the show to find love, but if they were sent home early by Soules, the ladies weren’t eager to stay in the spotlight.

One lady who Chris Soules eliminated before things got too serious was Jade Roper. Roper didn’t come on the show to give everything up to be on the farm in Iowa, but she had hoped she could incorporate Chris into her career. Jade had been working super hard on her own business, which is a line of natural cosmetics.

According to a new Wetpaint Entertainment report, Bachelor star Chris Soules may want to be in the spotlight, but Jade doesn’t want to be known as Soules’ ex-girlfriend on The Bachelor.

“I never want to be known just as ‘Jade from The Bachelor,'” Jade revealed this week, adding, “Working so hard on my business. I live to make a difference in the world. Watch.”

Since leaving Chris Soules behind, Roper has been working hard on her line of cosmetics, and that is what she wants to be famous for. She doesn’t want to be known as Soules’ ex, who had a brief stint on The Bachelor. She didn’t go on the show to find fame.

Her comment was released this week, as reports surfaced that Chris Soules was eager to stay in the spotlight. With Soules’ desire to be famous, people will always reflect on his past journey from the farm to The Bachelor. Reports are saying that Chris wants his own show called Life on the Farm, which will focus on his life with Whitney Bischoff on the Soules farm in Arlington, Iowa.

Whitney herself also seems to enjoy the fame and the spotlight. She has been eagerly sharing her support for Chris Soules on Dancing with the Stars, and she even bashed the judges for giving Chris poor scores. Clearly, she enjoys the reactions she gets from her fans from the show.

According to the Inquisitr, she has been in full support of Chris, showing up to every taping and elimination show. But Jade Roper doesn’t seem too keen in using her stint on the show to get the label of “Bachelor contestant.” As long as she stays focused on her work and her business, Jade won’t be linked to The Bachelor or Chris in a few years.

What do you think about Chris Soules’ ex not wanting to be linked to The Bachelor?

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