‘Real Housewives’ Brandi Glanville Suffered Wardrobe Malfunction During ‘RHOBH’ Finale

Brandi Glanville 'WWHL'

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ Season 5 finale included an unexpected appearance from Brandi Glanville’s chest. During a party thrown by Adrienne Maloof, Glanville was seen chatting with cast members, when, all the sudden, her chest was exposed.

On March 26, TMZ reported that Glanville’s chest was seen on the Real Housewives — and claimed the airing could have been intentional. Although no one can say for sure whether the network intentionally aired Glanville’s wardrobe malfunction on the Real Housewives, it’s hard to think they would have missed Kim Richards’ comment about the issue.

After noticing her Real Housewives co-star’s chest spilling out of her black dress, Richards told Glanville, “Before you go any further, your ni—e is hanging out.”

As the Inquisitr reported, Glanville’s wardrobe malfunction isn’t the only scandal the Real Housewives star has been dealing with as of late. Earlier this week, after appearing on Watch What Happens Live, Glanville was accused of lying about an encounter she had allegedly had with her Real Housewives co-star, Kyle Richards, earlier that day. According to Glanville, she ran into Kyle at New York City’s Sephora, but, instead of staying to chat, Kyle darted out.

On Twitter, Kyle told a different story of their run-in.

Also during Glanville’s appearance on Watch What Happens Live, she addressed her time at the Real Housewives reunion, which filmed in Los Angeles weeks ago.

“The first half was really difficult, then after seeing everyone somewhat tell the truth I was like, ‘Thank God.’ Everyone came in with a plan but their plans all fell to pieces, so in the end I felt vindicated.”

As fans of the show have seen, Glanville and Kyle have been on the outs throughout the fifth Real Housewives season, mainly because of Glanville’s relationship with Kim Richards. Although Glanville and Kyle don’t get along, Glanville is extremely close with Kim. In fact, Kim isn’t currently speaking to Kyle but has maintained a relationship with Glanville even post-Real Housewives.

Despite their own strained relationship, Glanville and Kyle are tied by more than just Kim. Glanville is also dating the partner of Kyle’s husband, Mauricio Umansky. After meeting at a party thrown by Kyle years ago, Glanville began dating Jonathan Ruiz, and the pair have been on and off ever since.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ Season 5 reunion begins airing in three parts on Tuesday night at 9 p.m.

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