Air Passenger Accused Of Sexually Abusing Three-Year-Old Boy On Delta Flight

A man from Illinois is currently under arrest after being accused of sexually abusing a three-year-old boy on a Delta flight from Chicago to Salt Lake City.

After being contacted by passengers on the flight, FBI agent Dustin Grant wrote an affidavit that was used to obtain a warrant for the arrest of the suspect, Kevin Charles Matthews.

Having interviewed the child’s parents, other passengers and the suspect, Grant learned that Matthews was sitting next to the child on the flight while the boy’s mother was seated in the same row.

Grant wrote, “Before the flight started, (the mother) was concerned about (her son) sitting by himself, but immediately noticed Matthews being helpful and friendly with (her son).”

But then, during the flight, after Matthews had let the child use his iPad, according to a passenger in the row behind, Matthews “appeared to be drunk and was extremely friendly and ‘handsy’ with (the boy).”

Agent Grant continued, “This meant that Matthews was constantly giving (the boy) high fives and asking (the boy) if Matthews could hold (his) hand. (The woman) thought that this behavior was odd, and an inappropriate way for a stranger to behave with a child.”

When the boy fell asleep, Matthews was allegedly seen with his hand on the child’s groin area, even though he denied that allegation against him.

The suspect admitted to agents that he had consumed, “four of five glasses of wine” before and during the flight. Grant added, “Matthews explained that he was never drunk on the flight and was completely functional, aware and in control of his actions.”

For now, the suspect has been charged in the U.S. District Court with abusive sexual contact, and while on bail, he is not allowed to have any contact with minors.

On top of that, pending trial, Matthews is not allowed to travel without prior permission from the courts and is ordered to submit to electronic monitoring.

[Image Credit: The Winglet]