Clarkson Fired, Malik Quits: Internet Reaction Is Hilarious [Video]

Zayn Malik quit One Direction and the BBC sacked Jeremy Clarkson from hit TV show Top Gear. Wednesday, March 25 proved to be quite a day in the world of celebrity culture. BBC News reported that it would not renew Clarkson’s contract in time to catch its lunchtime news bulletin. Shortly afterwards, the internet went into meltdown as Zayn Malik announced that he was quitting One Direction for good.

Neither of the two big celebrity news stories were exactly a surprise. Malik had flown home from One Directions On the Road Again tour last week suffering from a stress-related illness and after photographs emerged on the internet that showed him getting a little too close to a woman who was not his fiance, Little Mix singer Perrie Edwards. Rumors had been circulating for some time that Malik was struggling to cope with life in the spotlight.

Clarkson’s departure was also expected after he had been suspended from the hit BBC show Top Gear after he allegedly assaulted one of the shows producers in a row over what he wanted for dinner. In a statement, Tony Hall, the BBC’s director general, confirmed that Clarkson’s contract would not be renewed after he had subjected a producer to an “unprovoked physical attack.”

With the announcement about Zayn Malik and Jeremy Clarkson coming so closely together, it was inevitable that internet pranksters would soon be on the case. Within minutes, the hashtag #ClarksonForOneDirection was circulating, and the Daily Mail reports that a series of hilarious memes and videos soon emerged as people linked Malik and Clarkson’s simultaneous departures. Videos appeared on YouTube of a One Direction performance with Mr. Clarkson’s head pasted onto Malik’s body.

A series of pictures of both Malik and Clarkson began to trend on Twitter. Many showed pictures of Jeremy Clarkson’s head on Zayn Malik’s body as the internet wags had a laugh at the expense of the two stars. The obvious joke was to suggest that Malik and Clarkson swapped roles.

Twitter user Matty Dove suggested that Malik and Clarkson leaving their jobs at the same time was no coincidence and posted a picture showing Malik with Top Gear presenters James May and Richard Hammond

Carry-Ann Adams thought that the idea of Clarkson joining One Direction had potential.

The Clarkson and Malik mash-ups brought some much-needed relief to the situation after it emerged that some One Direction fans were urging other fans to self-harm in a twisted bid to get Zayn Malik to change his mind about leaving One Direction.

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[Image via The Mirror]