Fury 325, World’s Tallest And Fastest Giga Coaster, Debuts In North Carolina – Would You Ride It?

Fury 325, called “The World’s Tallest and Fastest ‘Giga Coaster'” by its creators, debuted Wednesday at North Carolina’s Carowinds theme park. The awe-inspiring coaster is 325 feet high, reaches speeds of up to 95 miles per hour, and according to the brave souls who took the first rides, it didn’t disappoint, NBC News is reporting.

Although the park officially cut the ribbon on Wednesday, it was only open to reporters and a handful of people connected to the park. The giga coaster won’t open to the general public until Saturday.

Fury 325 begins with a 325-foot climb – taller than the Statue of Liberty – followed by an 81-degree drop and hair-raising twists and turns over 6,600 feet of track. Rob Decer, the coaster’s designer, tells NBC News that the coaster is pure crazy.

“People can’t drive a car that fast. At least they shouldn’t. And they certainly can’t take turns like we’re taking, at 95 miles an hour.”

Charlotte Observer reporter Theoden Janes was one of the first few lucky people to get a preview ride on Fury 325. He describes going up the first hill as something of a philosophical exercise.

“Once the train leaves the station, you start your ascent of the hill that leads to the big drop, and you get 37 seconds of reflection that includes asking yourself questions like, ‘Did I eat enough this morning?’ ‘Did I eat too much this morning?’ ‘How much change is going to fall out of my pocket?’ and ‘Will this person next to me surreptitiously take video of me crying out for my mommy?'”

He describes the rest of the ride as a “blur of twists and turns, a flood of screams.”

Depending on how broadly you want to define the term Roller Coaster, Fury 325 may not hold the tallest record for long. According to this Inquisitr report, a planned Orlando coaster called Skyscraper will top out at 500 feet when it opens in 2017.

Would you ride Fury 325 if you had the chance? Share your thoughts in the Comments below.

[Image courtesy of: NBC News]