Want To Go Thrift Shopping With Walking Dead Star Melissa McBride? Crowd-Funded ‘The Happys’ Offers The Chance

Walking Dead star Melissa McBride is joining the cast of something completely different. It’s called The Happys, and it’s a crowd-funded feature film about one person who makes a major life choice to live under false pretenses, and how all the people around this individual are affected.

For Melissa McBride fans, there’s a bonus — supporters could join her in a day of hitting the thrift shops, or even join the cast.

The Happys, which will be supported by an IndieGogo campaign, is about Mark, a movie star who needs to hide his sexuality from the public — and from his girlfriend, Tracy. Unfortunately for him, she finds out when she walks in on him and another guy in a compromising position.

Mark makes the decision to marry Tracy in order to keep the whole thing quiet — but what happens around one person who is hiding his true self behind a lie?

Melissa McBride joins the cast as Krista, Mark’s manager. She won’t be (presumably) dispatching any zombies, but she is described as ‘hard-charging,’ so Walking Dead fans may recognize Carol’s do-what-must-be-done demeanor in her.

The cast also includes Janeane Garofalo and Stephen Guarino. Actually, it can also include you — one of the available perks for funding the IndieGoGo is a small part in the movie. Another is to go thrift store shopping with McBride, and others include dinner with the directors and one of the lead actors, and an invitation into the editing room.

Even at lower levels, the perks include things like an advance peek at the script, digital downloads of the movie on release day, or your name in the credits. At the highest levels (don’t get too excited — these are the $5,000 and $10,000 levels) you can be an associate or executive producer on the film.

Melissa McBride has expressed some excitement about the project, and a desire for it to be funded so she can play her role as Krista. She’s calling for fans to help make it happen.

The Happys passed 10 percent of its funding goal less than 24 hours after the project launched, and with Melissa McBride’s endorsement on her social media accounts, it will no doubt soar again in the next 24 hours. Thirty days more remain for the project to achieve full funding.

There’s more information about the cast, production staff, and available perks here. If you’re a fan of Walking Dead star Melissa McBride, this could be your chance to be a part of her next project, either on a donor level, or actually on the set.

[Photo by: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images]