Fox ‘Fantastic Four’ Reboot Has The Thing Reveal Spoiled By Fan Instagram Account

Was Fox hoping to keep the character the Thing from Fantastic Four reboot a surprise? If so…they seem to have gone about it the entirely wrong way. While American audiences hadn’t yet glimpsed the Thing, international promos feature images of all four members of the Fantastic Four. Including the Thing. This mismanagement led the character to be accidentally revealed via an eager fan’s Instagram account.

A Pic of The Thing’s face from #FantasticFour has just surfaced. NOT Bad, at all.

— Comics And Coffee (@TheCAndCPodcast) March 25, 2015

It doesn’t help that the poster is itself not great. In fact, it’s kind of terrible. Coupled with the fact that Fox couldn’t even provide a very popular Marvel character with a decent reveal, there is already whispers this Fantastic Four reboot is destined to flop. Hitflix writer Drew McWeeny said that at this point, Fox has no choice but to answer this major misstep with a high-quality reveal of the character.

That’s what Marvel did when a low-resolution version of the first Avenger’s Age of Ultron trailer leaked to the Internet. They used fan eagerness to build hype for their project.

If Fox were to release a teaser trailer and a good quality image of the Thing, it might restore some of deflated interest in their latest comic book movie.

Although, a good image may be enough. That’s the route DC and Warner Brothers have gone. As fans anticipate Batman V. Superman, there have been notable photo releases of characters. Jason Momoa as Aquaman was well received. Even more recently, we were given our very first look at Jesse Eisenberg as the super-villain Lex Luthor.

Fox may have to borrow a bit from these studios in terms of a successful promotion of their Fantastic Four reboot. Making sure not to reveal too much to the international audience will be key. It’s the 21st century and the Internet is a thing. International revelations will get back to the American audience. As such, Fox is going to have to take tighter control over its promotion. Otherwise, they could lose their audience.

Getting back to the Thing, while the photo isn’t a high enough quality for a first reveal, thus far the character looks interesting. Previous glimpses of the Thing suggest that he won’t be wearing the blue/black shorts given to him in the comics and previous movies. Perhaps this movie will explore the question of why a rock person even needs “modesty.”

What did you think of the first look at the Thing? Are you impressed the despite the mix-up?

[Image Credit: albertoheineken26]