68 Years Apart: Couple Wed At Age 85, Many Years After Their First Kiss

After spending 68 years apart, a couple reunited and decided to get married. According to AOL, Frank Gray and Ada Hatch dated many years ago, when they were both teenagers. The ended up splitting when another man came into Ada’s life, something that Ada still says was a misunderstanding on Frank’s part. Nevertheless, Ada got married, as did Frank, and the two raised their respective families, and built their lives with their spouses.

The couple would occasionally see each other around town, but would share nothing more than friendly smiles and casual “hellos.” It wasn’t until last November that the two reconnected. You see, while their relationship only lasted a few months, their love lasted decades.

After being apart for 68 years, Frank knew that he still wanted Ada in his life. A couple of years after his wife passed away, Frank learned that Ada’s husband had passed away. It was then that he decided to give Ada a call — what did he have to lose? — and the two chatted for a bit. By the third phone call, Ada agreed to have dinner with Frank… and the two really have been inseparable ever since.

According to the Canada Journal, Frank and Ada tied the knot on Valentine’s Day. It was particularly special for Ada, as her parents shared the same anniversary (2/14).

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, the couple plans to spend their time swimming at the local YMCA, and living out the rest of their years quietly together. They can’t really make up for lost time, but they both know that spending time together is important to them both.

“Well, we’re both 85. How much longer do we have to enjoy each other? That’s a big question and probably we haven’t gotten too many years left here. So why not try to enjoy it? And I couldn’t think of a better way to enjoy it than to be with this girl,” said Frank.

Frank Gray and Ada Hatch’s story has gone viral online. Thousands of people have read about their love story, which is truly one of a kind.

Spending 68 years apart did not change the love that these two first had. Sure, their lives are different now compared to when they were teenagers, but they are both just so happy that they were able to reconnect. And they really wanted to get married, which is also super sweet.

[Photo via the Canada Journal]