Ed Sheeran Crashes Wedding: You Won’t Believe What Happened Next [Video]

Is Ed Sheeran the nicest musician on the planet? You might think so when you hear about what Ed did after he crashed an Australian couples wedding. Sheeran is currently in Australia and is making a guest appearance in Aussie soap opera Home and Away, but whilst in Sydney, big-hearted Ed helped to make dreams come true when he crashed a wedding.

Ed Sheeran heard the heartbreaking story of Kya and Matt Debono, who had been facing hard times after Kya’s mother took her own life. The couple desperately wanted to get married but were struggling to make ends meet. That was when a Sydney-based radio station, KIIS FM, stepped in. According to the Telegraph, Matt told them that the couple had postponed their wedding after Kya’s mother’s death and that they were putting every penny into organizing a small affair for a few friends and family. They also let slip that they wanted their first dance to be to Ed Sheeran’s “Thinking Out Loud.”

The Mirror explains that much to the couple’s surprise, KIIS FM, in conjunction with Sydney Bridal Expo, threw the couple a $60,000 dream wedding bash. Little did Matt and Kya know but the surprises did not end there.

Ed Sheeran had heard about the couple’s story and was moved by it. Ed contacted the station and offered to turn up and sing the song live. Check out the video below and see the couple’s surprise as Ed Sheeran crashes the wedding and serenades the pair as they lead off their first dance.

Ed Sheeran played the hit song “Thinking Out Loud,” which has become something of a wedding anthem, on his guitar as the couple danced. Kya told the Daily Telegraph that having Ed Sheeran crash their wedding was “a dream come true.”

After his performance, Ed Sheeran told the newly married couple that he was pleased to be part of their day, saying, “I’m really glad you’ve had such a great day and I’m so glad I chose the right song.”

Cheeky Ed also told the couple to “make lots of babies.”

Ed Sheeran is currently in Australia touring in support of X, one of the biggest-selling albums worldwide in 2014. The official video for “Thinking Out Loud,” which sees Ed Sheeran ballroom dancing, has had over 355 million hits on YouTube since its release last October.

Ed Sheeran received two Brit awards for his music last month, but sadly there is no award for the nicest guy in pop music. If there was such an award, Ed Sheeran would win it hands down.

[Image via Mirror]