Vallejo Police Reveal Denise Huskins Kidnapping Was A Hoax

The kidnapping case of Denise Huskins from Vallejo, California, on Monday has been shrouded in mystery with little details emerging. The reason? The kidnapping was a hoax concocted by Denise and her boyfriend, Aaron Quinn.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Quinn called 911 at 2 p.m. on March 23 with the claim Denise had been forcibly abducted from his home in the early morning hours, an $8,500 ransom demanded for her safe return. This may have been the first clue that something was not quite right. Why did he wait nearly 12 hours before alerting police to the kidnapping?

The San Francisco Chronicle received an anonymous email containing an audio clip regarding the kidnapping.

“My name is Denise Huskins. I am kidnapped, otherwise I’m fine. Earlier today there was a plane crash in Alps and 158 people died. And one thing that people know about me is that I went to my first concert, me and my mom, to Blink 182 (last word is inaudible).”

The Vallejo Police Department, aided by the FBI, worked around the clock to locate the apparent kidnapping victim, who showed up yesterday at her father’s home in Huntington Beach. Huskins and Quinn are no longer cooperating with police concerning the kidnapping hoax, reports CNN. Upon her safe return from the kidnapping, Denise seemed eager to speak with police regarding her ordeal. Apparently that was a hoax as well. The FBI and Vallejo Police sent a jet to Huntington Beach to retrieve Huskins, but when the jet arrived, the kidnapping hoax mastermind was nowhere to be found. An attorney has been consulted regarding her defense.

Authorities are understandably frustrated with the kidnapping hoax. Lt. Kenny Park, of the Vallejo Police, referred to the kidnapping as “a wild goose chase.”

“As of right now, we have not heard from Miss Huskins and we are no longer in contact with any of the family members.”

According to CBS Sacramento, the kidnapping hoax accomplices are not being treated as victims or witnesses. In fact, it is likely charges will be filed against Denise and Aaron once the kidnapping investigation is complete. Lt. Park confirmed that “none of the claims have been substantiated.”

“Mr. Quinn and Ms. Huskins have plundered valuable resources away from our community, and have taken focus away from the true victims of our community while instilling fear amongst our community members. So if anything, it’s Mr. Quinn and Ms. Huskins that owe this community an apology.”

Lt. Park assures the community that their safety is not in jeopardy, the alleged kidnapping is a hoax, which was investigated by 40 detectives and 100 support personnel.

“I can tell you that our investigation has concluded that none of the claims has been substantiated. And I can go one step further to say this: That this was not a random act and that the members of our community are safe and that they have nothing to fear.”

What are your thoughts on the kidnapping hoax? Should Denise Huskins and her boyfriend face charges?

[Image via ABC News]