One Direction Replaces Zayn With Ben Bruce? Is This A Joke?

Now that the sad news that Zayn Malik has left One Direction is washing over fans, the next questions revolve around whether they will stay together as a band — or gain a new member? As it appears, one musician in particular is champing at the bit to get on board with One Direction. But will One Direction consider other boy band-types to replace Zayn Malik — or go in a completely different direction?

On the day that One Direction played without Zayn in Jakarta, Harry Styles broke down crying on stage. Reports state that One Direction is upset that Zayn Malik left, but it is unclear if they will continue as a four-some — or find someone to replace Zayn Malik in One Direction.

In case One Direction needed a volunteer to replace Zayn, Ben Bruce of Asking Alexandria wanted Harry Styles to know he was there for the band — sort of.

At 8:43 E.S.T. on the day Zayn Malik quit One Direction, Benjamin Bruce tweeted to @HarryStyles, “Don’t worry @Harry_Styles…I’ll join @onedirection and all will be good mate.”

Ben Bruce tweets Harry Styles that he will volunteer as Zayn Malik's replacement for One Direction.

Ahem! Is Ben Bruce trying to tell us something about his future with One Direction?

Ben Bruce was likely being sarcastic, but posts on the official fan website for Asking Alexandria have interesting comments. For example, @CastingShapes responded with, “I’ve cracked it. Zayn Malik is the new vocalist of Asking Alexandria.”

Obviously, Ben Bruce was being witty when he volunteered to replace Zayn Malik in One Direction — or was he? After all, Ben Bruce does have a solo career outside of Asking Alexandria.

One Direction and Ben Bruce rumors

A better question is if Ben Bruce has what it takes to be a member of One Direction. When tour schedules of One Direction and Ben Bruce are examined — the truth becomes painfully clear.

As it appears, Ben Bruce will not actually have time to join One Direction’s upcoming tour dates since Ben Bruce has touring of his own.

Posted on his Instagram account in March, Ben Bruce highlights that Asking Alexandria will be in Switzerland for the Greenfield Festival on June 11 to 13. During that time, One Direction is scheduled for Austria on June 10 and Belgium on June 13.

One Direction Ben Bruce 2

In order to meet the demand of touring with One Direction, Ben Bruce would definitely have to quit Asking Alexandria.

Of course, the final reason that Ben Bruce probably will not replace Zayn Malik is due to a conflict of genres. Well established in metal and emo genres, Ben Bruce is up for an award for being a Metal God.

Hours before Ben Bruce stated that he would love to be a part of One Direction, he posted to the official Asking Alexandria fan website, “I’m up for a Golden God award…. It would be really awesome if you guys could go to and vote for me in the Dimebag Darrel shredder category….it’s an honour to even be nominated.”

Could amazing things happen with One Direction’s future involving Ben Bruce? Could Asking Alexandria and One Direction be doing a covert band members switch-a-roo? Could Ben Bruce take over One Direction and change their sound? One thing that is certain about One Direction is that the future is uncertain — and in the meantime fans can only ask for fate to be gentle to One Direction.

One Direction Ben Bruce 4

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