Video game Sleeping Dogs previews hit the web [Video]

Apparently there was an embargo on the news to with a new game called Sleeping Dogs from developer United Front Games, and being published by Square Enix, but that embargo has either been lifted or game blogs have decided to go ahead and post about it anyway.

Much of the reviews so far are drawing connection in the fighting style to the recent Batman man games but it is also easy to see the Square Enix influence as the previews show a very Deus Ex graphics styling.

This is being billed as an open world with a deep Hong Kong cinema style influence where you play a deep undercover cop which means just about everyone is fair game when it comes to killing.

At this point we have two videos that have slipped out with the first one being an interview with Stephen Van Der Mescht, Executive Producer United Front Games, and Lee Singleton, General Manager Square Enix London.

Next up is the Sleeping Dogs Reveal Trailer with a official release date of Q2 of 1012 for both the PS3 and Xbox 360.

via PikiGeek