Lisa Lanceford Flaunts Killer Physique In Low-Cut Sports Bra For Latest Full-Body Workout

Lisa Lanceford took to social media platform Instagram on Sunday to post her latest home workout video for her 2.1 million followers.

For the full-body workout, the fitness trainer wore a low-cut blue sports bra with spaghetti straps and a pinched design down the chest. The top left plenty of skin on display, showing off Lisa's sculpted arm and shoulder muscles and toned tummy. She paired the top with black booty shorts that were made of spandex material and extended to just below her backside. The shorts exposed the trainer's long, chiseled leg muscles and showed off a full-thigh tattoo on her right leg.

Lisa chose to forgo shoes for the workout and wore a simple pair of black socks. She accessorized with a black exercise watch and wore her straight, dark tresses up in a messy bun with several fly-aways framing her face. The fitness trainer completed the look with a bit of eye makeup and glossy lips.

The workout took place in Lisa's backyard on a grassy area. It consisted of five different exercises, each separated into its own video clip in the post. The trainer used a pink resistance band for equipment in one of the videos, letting her body serve as resistance for the other exercises.

The first exercise in the circuit was the low shuffle, a move that required Lisa to crouch into a low lunge and quickly switch legs without jumping too high. She followed the low shuffle with the plank variation, an ab-targeting move that was performed on the ground. The third exercise in the circuit was the high cable row, using the resistance band. The final two exercises were the reverse lunge with knee and the 180 squat jump. The jump required Lisa to use her entire body and gave viewers an eyeful of her sculpted backside and muscular legs.

In the caption of the post, Lisa wrote out each exercise and outlined a rotation for individual fitness levels, which included beginner, intermediate, and advanced. Lisa told her followers that she's been mixing up her training and adding in different exercises while really trying to push herself. She added that she hopes her followers enjoy the workout.

The video earned over 20,000 likes and dozens of comments from loyal fans within the first day. Many of Lisa's followers expressed how much they loved her videos and looked to her as inspiration for their own fitness goals.

Fellow fitness model Hanna Oberg commented on Lisa's workout, writing that she was killing it as always.

"Yessss love a good full body workout!! Saved," another fan chimed in.