Goat Beheading Video: Tulane University Frat Members Allegedly Slaughter Goat In Backyard Pool, Record Gruesome Video

A goat beheading video allegedly filmed by Tulane University fraternity members has gone viral, prompting an investigation and a $13,000 reward for the students responsible.

The grainy video shows a group of young men around a small plastic pool, where a goat is tied by the neck. A young man holding what appears to be a samurai sword take a full swing, beheading the goat and leaving its body twitching.

The video had reportedly been circulating through the Tulane community, but nobody in the video has been identified as being a member of the Tulane community. The graphic goat beheading video was later uploaded to YouTube on Wednesday, and quickly went viral. It prompted Tulane University to launch an inquiry and call on the public for information on the group that slaughtered the goat.

So far, the investigation has not shown anything to prove allegations that Tulane frat members were responsible, noted Michael Strecker, Tulane’s public relations director.

“Tulane University is fully investigating this matter,” Strecker said. “At this time we have no evidence to suggest that this video involves or is related to any member of the Tulane community. We urge anyone who has any information regarding this video to contact the Tulane Police Department at 504-865-5381.”

This is actually the second time this year that animal rights advocates in New Orleans are looking into a goat beheading. Earlier this year, a pet goat named Calvin was found beheaded, though SPCA officials said they don’t believe that is related to this week’s incident.

The SPCA is also calling on people with information on the goat beheading video to come forward. The group did not release the video, but posted a graphic description:

“While the men stand in a circle around the plastic swimming pool, string is tied around the goat’s neck and hanged from an above object. One man then beheads the goat while the other men cheer in the background and record the felony act with cellphones.

“Once beheaded, the goat’s legs continue to move while the body lies in the swimming pool and the head still hanging from the string. A few seconds later, the man who beheaded the goat picks up the body and the video clip ends.”

The SPCA is offering a reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the Tulane frat members allegedly responsible for the goat beheading video.

Currently, Tulane University, the Louisiana Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals and the New Orleans Police Department have found no evidence to suggest that this video involves or is related to any member of the Tulane community.

The goat beheading video can be seen here, but be warned it is extremely graphic.

[Image via YouTube/WWLTV]