Kevin Costner Gives Tearful Eulogy at Whitney Houston’s Funeral [Video]

Kevin Costner was one of the few people invited to speak today at Whitney Houston’s funeral. Costner, who starred with the late singer in the hit movie “The Bodyguard,” told the people gathered at the New Hope Baptist Church about Whitney’s humility, her talent, and how the God will wonder how he created something so perfect when he meets the singer in heaven.

Costner said:

“I urge us all to wipe our tears, suspend our sorrow, perhaps our anger, just long enough to remember the sweet miracle of Whitney.”

Costner also told the crowd that him and Whitney had a lot of common. Yes, they were of a different race and of a different gender, but they shared a passion for music (although he admits that Whitney was way more talented) and both grew up in the Baptist Church.

Costner also talked about how despite her success Whitney was still insecure about her ability. Costner said:

“Am I good enough, am I pretty enough, will they like me? You set the bar so high that professional singers, your colleagues, don’t want to sing that little country song, what would be the point? Little girls like you who dream of being you someday sing that song.”

Costner also admitted that “The Bodyguard” would not have been the same film without Whitney. Costner said:


“You weren’t just good enough, you were great. You sang the whole damn song without a band. You made the picture what it was. A lot of leading men could have played my part, a lot of guys could have filled that role. But you Whitney, I truly believe, were the only one who could have played Rachel Marron at that time. You weren’t just pretty. You were as beautiful as a woman could be. And people just didn’t like you, Whitney. They loved you.”

Here’s a video of Kevin Costner’s eulogy for Whitney Houston.

Costner also released a statement about the singer’s death before the funeral. You can read Cosnter’s statement here.