Harry Styles Leaving? -- Rumors Compiled Say 1D Will Break Up Completely?

Harry Styles will be leaving One Direction next says four independent sources in two magazines. Are these rumors true? Where is the evidence Harry Styles will also leave One Direction?

Fans of One Direction are mourning the departure of Zayn Malik, and Harry Styles has taken the news hard. On stage, Harry Styles broke into tears at their Jakarta performance date, allegedly because they were playing the show without Malik. Could the reason that Harry Styles broke down in tears after Zayn Malik left One Direction be because he himself is up to leave the band next?

Rumors are quickly mounting that other members of One Direction are trying to leave the band -- and Harry Styles appears to be the second person to leave 1D, according to insiders close to Harry Styles and One Direction.

How did the rumors that Harry Styles would be leaving begin? Us Magazine says, "The sun shined a little less bright on Wednesday, March 25. After One Direction member Zayn Malik announced he was leaving the band, his pal and bandmate Harry Styles broke down in tears while performing in Indonesia. [sic]"

Shortly after that performance, Hollywood Life reported that an exclusive source told them, "Harry is interested in acting, writing for other artists, and doing some solo work, but he has made it clear to the other guys in the band, as well as Simon Cowell, that he is down to do all that and still remain in One Direction. He is not going to leave the band. [sic]"

What are these projects Harry Styles is working on with "other artists?" Also, could it be true that Harry Styles is going to actually break up with One Direction? Hollywood Life states a second insider source says about Harry Styles, "He's already been writing for other acts and with singers like Meghan Trainor. He knows all these opportunities have come to him because of 1D, so he doesn't want to turn his back on that. [sic]"

Hollywood Life quoted an insider source in a second article that said Harry Styles begged Zayn Malik not to quit One Direction. Regardless, the insider source said, "Still, as far as the boys are concerned, Zayn has an open invitation to rejoin the group when he gets his head back on straight... He's a brother to them and they won't turn their back on him in his time of need. Simon and the record company may have other thoughts but not the boys, they love him. [sic]"

But will Harry Styles be the next to go -- despite promising to stick it out with One Direction? E! Online says an insider told them that allegedly, "Harry has told his friends that the wants to get into acting. He loves Los Angeles." They go on to state that, "And in addition to taking his talents to the big screen, Styles is already working on some new (solo) music projects with several other famous faces in the biz [like Meghan Trainor, Kodaline and Ariana Grande]."

E! Online claims that a second source told them "Harry has distanced himself from the rest of the band over the last year... He considers himself to be on a different path to the other boys.... He certainly has hopes of doing solo stuff, branching out on his own, and so this might be the natural juncture in which to do that. [sic]"

The vague statement "So this might be the natural juncture in which to do that" is not helping One Direction fans clearly to clearly understand if Harry Styles is leaving 1D. Do what?

For now, we have no definite indication that Harry Styles will officially leave One Direction forever, but we do have the elusive statement from an insider source that allegedly Harry Styles "might be [at] the natural juncture in which to do that."

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