Five Bizarre Inventions For Fighting Islamist Terror [Video]

The war against Islamist terror opened up a new world for inventors to explore. Most devices to keep people safe from a terror attack have been high-tech and expensive -- think of the TSA backscatter systems -- but even more have been simply bizarre. Shortly after the Charlie Hebdo attack, IPR consultancy Patent Yogi produced a video showcasing some of the strangest inventions meant to keep people safe.

The Airplane Trapdoor

Described under patent number US 6844817 B2, this Aircraft anti-terrorism security system is meant to prevent terrorists from reaching the cockpit the same way as a James Bond villain or Mr. Burns might, using a trapdoor.

On the way to hijack the plane, the door opens, trapping the would-be terrorist in a net in the bottom of the plane. Any aggressive passenger who accidentally triggers the door also gets to spend the rest of the trip underneath the plane.

Airplane Sleeping Gas

Patent number US 6499693 B1 is a far more simple anti-terror invention for airplane safety. Before a terrorist gets the chance to take over the plane, sleeping gas is released into the plane, knocking everyone out.

The invention assumes the pilots will be protected and not inhale any of the gas.

The Pig Blood Shield

The invention, described as a suicide bomb deterrent, is only applicable to fastidious, Islamist terrorists. It's a shield containing pig's blood. If an explosive device is detonated nearby, the blood splatters on everything nearby, including the terrorist.

The shield deterrent is based on the highly-disputed idea that Islamist suicide bombers won't risk getting pig's blood or pork on them in a terror attack because of religious restrictions on the animal. As previously reported by Inquisitr, one company also got the idea for pork bullets to "send Islamists to hell" in addition to just killing them.

A Facemask Brazier

The invention under patent US 7255627 B2 is best suited for women. It's a garment, a brassiere, that can be converted into a facemask in the event of a gas attack. Two cups means two facemasks, and two lives saved. Of course, it might be embarrassing to use this device.

A Suicide Bomb Detonation Center

This invention is also meant to stop an Islamist suicide bomber, but with a far more straight-forward method. Patent US 7784389 B2 envisions a secure area where a bomber would be contained, like a barricaded room, preventing the terrorist from detonating among innocent people.

Patent Yogi found a few others in their video above.

Of course, these patents have a few flaws that may need to be worked out before hitting the battlefield. It's still good to know there are problem-solvers trying to keep people safe, even if the anti-terror inventions aren't the most pragmatic.

[Image Credit: Getty Images]