Kevin Costner Gives Statement on Whitney Houston’s Death

Kevin Costner is scheduled to speak today at Whitney Houston’s funeral (you can watch a live stream of the service here) but before he took the microphone, “The Bodyguard” actor released a statement about the loss of his friend.

Costner seemed to take responsibility for Houston’s death saying that he “should have saved her.”

Costner said:

“I let her down. I should have been there, and I wasn’t. And now for the rest of my life I will have to live with that pain… I saved her (in “The Bodyguard”), I should have saved her now. She was my one true love. I still have I Will Always Love You as my ringtone, and I count it a badge of honor every time I get mocked for it.”

Costner is just one celebrity scheduled to speak at Whitney Houston’s funeral today. Clive Davis and Tyler Perry are also expected to make speeches. Stevie Wonder and Alicia Keys are scheduled to perform today. Aretha Franklin, Whitney Houston’s godmother, was also expected to perform today but the queen of soul cancelled her performance this morning due to illness.

Here is the trailer for “The Bodyguard.”

What did you think of Kevin Costner’s statement?

You can watch Whitney Houston’s funeral service live here.