Blue Bell Ice Cream Recall Expanded In Bacterial Contamination Fears As Three Die: Listeria Symptoms

The Blue Bell ice cream recall is making lovers of that sweet, rich, creamy concoction so anxious that they want to scream for a safe ice cream substitute. And now, the same company has issued a second recall to attempt to avoid the potential for bacterial contamination, reported USA Today.

Blue Bell expanded the initial recall to encompass individual three-ounce serving cups in vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry flavors. With distribution to 23 different states, the three-ounce cups are shipped to food service outlets rather than grocery stores or convenience stores, according to the company's officials.

On March 13, Blue Bell Ice Cream issued its first voluntary recall, which encompassed 10 different types of their popular ice cream brand. The CEO and president of the company Paul Kruse, expressed his views.

"We are devastated and know that Blue Bell has to be and can be better than this. Quality and safety have always been our top priorities."
However, the company issued the recall after receiving a report that a cup of Blue Bell chocolate ice cream had tested positive for listeria. The report came from the Kansas Department of Health & Environment and was based on an ice cream product from a Kansas hospital.

One concern is that the recalls cover products from different manufacturing plants owned by the company. The latest positive test comes from Blue Bell's Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, plant and covers the ice cream products shown below.

Blue Bell ice cream recall dishes up warnings.
Blue Bell ice cream recall dishes up warnings.

The initial recall encompassed products made at Blue Bell's Texas plant, reported CNN. It occurred after Kansas health officials reported the deaths of three individuals from listeria, with that outbreak linked to Blue Bell ice cream. In all, five individuals have developed listeria, and four are known to have consumed Blue Bell ice cream prior to showing symptoms.

Those who are most susceptible to listeriosis (the name of the infection that results from consuming listeria-contaminated food) are those with weak immune systems, older people, infants, and pregnant women. Symptoms can range from muscle pain to stomach problems, as well as a fever.

Blue Bell's Web site contains a link to the full statement about the recall and photos of the product. Customers who bought the items are told to return them to the place at which they bought them for a refund.

For those seeking a substitute for ice cream that's got the same creamy quality, Dr. Oz recently unveiled a recipe for the Total 10 Chocolate-Covered Almond Smoothie, as the Inquisitr reported. It's made with almond butter and almond milk to add protein.

[Images via Blue Bell Web Site]