Bronson Pinchot Foreclosure: 'Perfect Strangers' Actor Loses Properties After Falling $270K Behind

Bronson Pinchot's foreclosure situation is making headlines as the former Perfect Strangers star has now lost four properties to the bank due to non-payment. The properties taken over by First National Bank of Pennsylvania will now head to a sheriff's sale in April unless the former actor steps in to pay up.

According to NBC Philadelphia, the Bronson Pinchot foreclosures come after his unpaid totals rose to more than $270,000. The properties, said to consist of dwellings, a barn, a shed and a commercial building are located in Harford Township and include the area's post office.

Not all of Pinchot's real estate holdings are in foreclosure, however. Fans may remember Pinchot doing a reality TV show called The Bronson Pinchot Project for the DIY Network. That main home featured on the show, also located in the Harford area, still belongs to Bronson.

However, the home renovated on the DYI Network show is currently on the market and listed for $399,000. The town is said to have about 1,400 residents, and unfortunately Pinchot may find that the home will be a tough sell in that area at that price point.

The Times-Tribune shares that the bank tried for a year to connect with the actor to resolve the debt, but it seems he's been completely out of touch. The Bronson Pinchot foreclosures come after he fell behind $185,590 on payments for three properties and another $85,384 on another holding. It is said that Bronson also owes nearly $14,000 in taxes as well.

Prior to his reality show, Pinchot was known by many primarily for his role as Balki Bartokomous in the comedy Perfect Strangers, which ran from 1986 to 1993. He has popped up on a number of shows over the years, including Step by Step and The Young and the Restless.

While Pinchot does have until the April 28 sheriff's sale date to pay the amounts due and stop the foreclosure, it looks unlikely he'll do that. Reports indicate that he has not made himself available for comment on the situation and the bank reportedly went to great lengths to connect with him prior to foreclosing on the properties.

It seems that previously, Pinchot told the Times-Tribune that he was seeking a financial partner and he hoped to continue the commitment he made to the Harford area. He said at the time that he was not in hiding, but he also did not indicate where he was living. He never responded to the inquiries from the bank, thus the court moving ahead on the Bronson Pinchot foreclosures.

[Image via NBC Philadelphia]