Massachusetts Home Rigged With Explosives Set To Detonate When Landlord Flipped Light Switch

A Milton, Massachusetts, home owned by Lendel Williams was rigged with explosives, set to detonate when the landlord flipped on the light switch. The landlord was checking on the property after the tenants had moved out. Williams was planning on selling the home and was conducting an inspection with a local electrician when the explosives were discovered.

Lendel William and the electrician found a "suspicious device" in the bedroom closet of the Milton, Massachusetts, home. Law enforcement officers were notified and the explosives device was ultimately deactivated several hours later. The device was reportedly hidden behind a piece of newly plastered wall. The potential bomb was comprised of a "flammable substance" and wires, which ran out of the device and into various areas of the Milton house.

When addressing reporters outside of the Massachusetts home that was rigged with explosives, Lendel Williams said, "I just can't believe people can really do that to be quite frank with you. I am angry."

Milton Police Chief Richard Wells had this to say about the Massachusetts house rigged with explosives.

"We believe the intention was that if someone flipped the light switch on where it ended, the device would have exploded. It took some work to put it in there."
The Milton law enforcement investigators also reportedly believe that the rather sophisticated and intricate explosive device system would have possibly resulted in loss of life and "significant destruction" if Lendel Williams had flipped the light switch and activated the bomb. The suspects in the Massachusetts explosives device investigation have not yet been named.

Lendel Williams said that his former tenants could be the culprits of the potentially deadly explosives device. Both the Milton and Boston police departments are currently searching for Williams' former renters. Before the most recent 911 call at the Milton residence, the Massachusetts landlord called the police after discovering cement had been poured down the sink drains at the Craig Street home.

Just a few days after Williams filed the vandalism complaint sparked by the cement incident, the couple and their daughter, who were living in the home, packed up and moved out. The family had reportedly lived in the Milton, Massachusetts, home since last June.

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