Inmate Kills Girlfriend And Three Children Inside Maximum Security Prison During Visit

A man being held in a maximum security prison in Jalisco, Mexico, killed his girlfriend, stepdaughter, and two children during a visitation. The inmate, Domingo Villa Arellano, killed Ericka Cocula Isela Velázquez after the couple's children said she was mistreating them at home. After killing his girlfriend, who was also the mother of his children, Arellano killed his own children along with his stepdaughter. All of this took place inside of the maximum security prison's conjugal visitation room.

The Daily Mail reports that 40-year-old Arellano was serving a sentence in Puente Grande prison for the 2006 killing of his previous girlfriend and for sexually assaulting her 16-year-old daughter. Arellano was a former cop and was being held in the "public servant" area of the prison. El Excelsior, the local newspaper, notes that the killing happened in the "conjugal visitation" room. Therefore, it seems that there was not supervision by prison guards during this particular visit.

The reports indicate that Arellano used a piece of metal as his weapon of choice during the attack. He obtained the metal during his time making crafts inside the prison. The inmate used the shard of metal to stab his girlfriend in the chest during the March 15 visitation. After stabbing her, he stabbed both his boys and his stepdaughter with the same piece of metal. The stepdaughter was able to make it out of the room and summon help, but later died from her injuries in a local hospital.

After killing his family, Arellano then tried to kill himself but was unsuccessful. Following the horrific incident, Arellano now faces four more murder charges for the death of his girlfriend, stepdaughter, and two sons. When asked why he killed his family, police indicate that the inmate went into a rage after finding out that his girlfriend had been mistreating his sons. Arellano says that during every visit, the children would complain about their treatment at home. The complaints caused the inmate to become irate and he decided to stab Ericka. Arellano has yet to explain why he then went after his own children and stepdaughter if the issue involved the mistreatment of his boys.

This isn't the first major issue at a Mexican prison. The Inquisitr previously reported on a prison break that involved the escape of an astonishing 132 inmates in a different border town.

Arellano is now responsible for the murder of two girlfriends and three children along with the sexual assault of a minor. The Puente Grande prison and local police have not disclosed when Arellano will face further sentencing for the murder he carried out inside the maximum security prison walls.