Claudia Jordan: Porsha Williams Just A NeNe Leakes Co-Signer, Should Be Fired From 'RHOA'

Porsha Williams was downgraded from a starring housewife to a recurring one right before the airing of Season 7 of The Real Housewives of Atlanta. If newcomer Claudia Jordan, who replaced Porsha on the opening credits, has her way, though, Porsha won't be seen at all on the next season.

During an interview with OK! Magazine that was posted on Tuesday afternoon, Claudia said that if she could fire anyone from the show, it would be Porsha. Claudia doesn't believe that Porsha brings enough to the table. Claudia believes Porsha just follows everything that NeNe Leakes does and says.

"Porsha definitely. I think she's like cute and glamorous and that's great but like we need more than that... I don't think it's enough to be on the show just co-signing whatever NeNe says. That's not a good character on a reality show. I think that's kind of boring."
It's likely that Claudia and Porsha will have a tense confrontation at the Season 7 reunion show, which films this Friday. Claudia and Porsha have had several drama-filled interactions with one another throughout the season, including arguing at a work party and Claudia accusing Porsha of being with an African man for money during the group's trip to Puerto Rico. Claudia told OK! that she's ready and up for the challenge of the reunion.
"I'm excited for the reunion because I like a challenge."
Besides Porsha Williams, Claudia Jordan will also likely face off again against NeNe Leakes. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Claudia said that she expects to top her "read" of NeNe in Puerto Rico. Perhaps she'll do it at the reunion?
"Oh yeah to me that wasn't a big deal … I think that was like a warm up actually."
Claudia also talked about possibly taking Porsha's Dish Nation hosting job. Claudia said that she wasn't purposefully going after it, but will show up and do a good job if she's asked to fill in for Porsha. Porsha responded by retweeting a fan's tweet that Claudia can never replace Porsha.

As for whether Claudia Jordan will return for the next season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, she pointed out to OK! that she's not sure if she'll be given the opportunity. Claudia didn't give any indication that she wouldn't return because she's unhappy with the experience.

"They don't, no one knows until after the reunion. So anyone that says they're coming back or anything, that's not, it's not, confirmed. So, um, yeah they wait until after the reunion to make those, to send those letters out, within a couple weeks after..."
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