'Teen Mom 2' Adam Lind Reportedly Denied Unsupervised Visits With Daughter He Shares With Chelsea Houska

Teen Mom 2 dad Adam Lind is currently filming for a sixth season of the show. However, it is unclear if MTV cameras were around to capture the latest legal drama!

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Adam was arrested on Tuesday on a warrant for failure to appear in court. It turns out that the warrant was issued after Adam failed to appear in court regarding child support. However, it is unclear if the child support order was for his daughter Aubree, with Chelsea Houska, or his daughter Paislee, with Taylor Halbur.

Adam Lind did not sit in jail long and quickly posted bond. However, new details about Adam's latest arrest have come to light and, it turns out, he was actually in court for another appearance when he was arrested!

On Tuesday, Adam was in court with Chelsea Houska. It turns out that he was seeking unsupervised visits with his daughter, Aubree. Currently, Adam is only allowed supervised visits with Aubree, which means that his parents need to be present for the visits. However, Adam reportedly wanted the visits changed to unsupervised which, according to Starcasm, was denied by the judge. It was after that the Teen Mom 2 dad was arrested on a warrant which was reportedly a "surprise to everyone."

So far, Chelsea Houska has stayed quiet on Twitter regarding Adam's arrest as well as the court hearing for unsupervised visitation. However, it isn't just with his daughter with Chelsea Houska that Adam has been battling in court for. Recently, he revealed that he took Taylor Halbur to court. Adam claimed that he had not seen his daughter in two months. After that, he was spotted visiting Paislee in the hospital after she broke her arm. It is unclear how his court hearing regarding visitation with Paislee went or if the recent arrest was in connection to any of that.

Chelsea Houska rarely takes to social networking to air her drama, so it looks like fans will have to wait until the new season of Teen Mom 2 airs to see what is going on with everything. While Chelsea's past storylines have typically revolved around her drama with Adam Lind, this season she will have a much happier storyline. Chelsea has been dating a man named Cole and things seem to be going incredibly well for the couple. The best part is that he gets along great with Aubree.

MTV has not revealed an air date for Teen Mom 2, but the cast members are currently filming.

[Image: via Twitter]