Detroit Mother, 35 Year-Old Mitchell Blair, Arrested After Two Of Her Children Were Found Dead Inside A Freezer: Blair Now Admits To Killing Both Children [Updated]

Is there anything more horrifying than discovering the bodies of two dead children in a freezer? According to police, finding out that their own mother could be responsible for putting them there is much worse. A 35-year-old mother from Detroit was arrested after the bodies of two of her own children were found by authorities inside a freezer located in their own home.

Detroit Police arrested the mother, who was identified as Mitchell Blair, on Tuesday afternoon, after the 11 year-old son and 14 year-old daughter were found frozen by bailiffs from the 36th District Court. According to the Detroit News, the bailiffs were sent to the family townhouse located inside the Martin Luther King homes to evict Blair for non-payment of rent.

The court officers were supposed to clear all the family's furniture out of the home, but during the course of their work, they made a gruesome discovery. The first body to be found was the frozen body of the young girl, and, at that time, the house was immediately cleared and 911 was called to the home. The boy's body was discovered inside the freezer after authorities had arrived on scene.

Lee Gordon was the court officer who first discovered the little girl. She told the Detroit Free Press that she saw a black plastic bag laying on top of the body, and could see frost had developed on the face of the girl. Gordon goes on to say the following.

"I'm really sickened now to find out that it was babies, It's not an easy pill to swallow."
Neighbors tell the media that the children basically disappeared a year ago. They had not been seen playing outside or even going to school. Assistant Police Chief Steve Dolunt says that the bodies appear to have been frozen for quite some time, adding that it is entirely possible they could have been frozen for a year. This observation can only add to the speculation that the children's mother did in fact have something to do with their disappearance.

The Detroit Public School system tells the media that none of Blair's four children are currently enrolled in public school, which may be a contributing factor in why the boy and girl were not reported missing. If they were enrolled in school and had missed so many days, Social Services would have been notified and sent to the home to do a follow-up with the mother.

The Inquisitr previously reported that Blair was located in a nearby apartment when she was taken into custody. One of Blair's friends, Carrie McDonald, says that she feels like Blair must have sensed that the police were closing in on her. McDonald says she saw Blair the morning of her arrest and the 35 year-old mother told her friend, "Ms. Carrie, if you don't never see me again just know that I love you."

Marlon Blair is Mitchell's brother, and he currently resides in California. When he was contacted about the deaths of his niece and nephew, he said it was taking him a while to process the news. Marlon was quoted as saying the following.

"It's too early to even say what this could be, or to make any judgments. She didn't have any emotional problems from what I'm aware of. I don't know what to say about this."
How the two children died is a question that has yet to be answered. Autopsies on both bodies will need to be done to get conclusive details about time and manner of death.

Detroit city leaders have also spoken out about the latest horrific deaths of these two children.

" 'As details continue to emerge, one thing is abundantly clear: our system of protecting children and identifying and helping those in need whether it's emotionally, mentally, financially or socially must be called into question,' said City Council member Mary Sheffield, whose 5th District includes Detroit's lower eastside, downtown, riverfront and central portions. 'Whether this is a case of neglect, homicide or a result of mental illness society must be in position to recognize a child is in danger and swift decisive action must be taken.' "
UPDATE: Just a short while ago, a source close to the investigation told reporters that Mitchell Blair admitted to the police that she had killed her children. The Detroit Free Press reports that, according to what the mother said, she killed her son first and placed him in the freezer, and then killed her daughter at a later time.

In a press conference today, Detroit Police Chief James Craig refused to answer reporters questions about the mother killing the children. The only thing Craig would say was that this was still an active homicide investigation, and the Wayne County Medical Examiner's Office would be performing autopsies on the bodies within the next few days. Craig asked for some privacy in regards to Blair's other two children, because they have been through enough already.

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