'Bloodborne' Review Roundup: Could This PS4 Exclusive Be The 2015 Game Of The Year?

Your Bloodborne review roundup is here, and most reviewers agree that this From Software title is an early contender for the game of the year. It's only March, but it's been said that Bloodborne is the best PS4 exclusive title made to date.

From a developer promo released on YouTube, this title appears to take small doses from several popular franchises like Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver and Castlevania.

The Bloodborne gameplay does manage to put all of those things it borrows together into a terrifying combination that will leave you paranoid about what lurks around the next corner.

The Guardian claims that this PS4 exclusive takes creatures from Resident Evil, such as the dobermans and the hoe-wielding maniacs, along with Alfred Hitchcock-inspired ravens and something similar to Harry Potter's Dementors, and puts them all together nicely. The dark tone and atmosphere helps this title deviate from its spiritual predecessors Dark Souls and Demon's Souls, and makes this its own game.

The mood appears to be a combination of the world of the last Thief and a gothic Tim Burton movie, always leaving you guessing and on edge.

Another reviewer in this Bloodborne review roundup, EGM Now states that the game successfully manages to make you think and experiment, so the answers aren't always there. You have to figure them out, unlike other titles that tend to hold your hand the entire time.

You find most of your clues through what it calls Madman's Knowledge, something you find littered among the corpses scattered across the landscape.

Expect to die a lot, too. It's part of the learning process, and through a mechanic called Blood Echoes, you can regain your experience and currency by revisiting the bloodstain where you died. You have to hurry though, because it will vanish after a certain amount of time.

Technically, if you want an easy way out, you will probably watch YouTube walkthroughs anyway.

Game Revolution tells us in this Bloodborne review roundup that the game starts out with you as a "hunter," and you get a transfusion of lycanthropy (the magic that turns people into werewolves) to help hone your skills. The man making the transfusion tells you that you might feel like you're having a bad dream, and then everything changes. The people who you thought were helping you suddenly turn out to be the very thing they were fighting.

This game manages to make you wonder from the start if everything isn't just a nightmare, or if you have become ill to a degree that you ended up slaughtering innocents, thinking they're all monsters.

This Bloodborne review roundup shows that among the critics, this horror title could be the best game the PlayStation 4 will see this year. What do you think?

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