Star Wars: Live Action Television Show In The Works, Expected To Support Movies As ‘Agents Of Shield’ Does For Marvel

Star Wars has been a cultural icon since its release in 1977, instantly becoming a cult classic that is both loved and loathed by fans. The original trio of movies has been considered the best of the series, whereas the prequel trio has been deemed a disappointment by many. Success with the animated series has restored faith in the force and is leaving fans anxious to see what the next three movies have in store. Combine the sequel excitement with news of movies based on individual characters, and the Star Wars fandom is ecstatic for what is to come. However, new rumors of a live action television show based on the Star Wars Universe has fans and critics wondering how it would fit in with the overall universe.

Forbes reported on the rumor surrounding the live action Star Wars television show, warning that details are rather vague at this point, stating that the show is in the works and more information will be released after Episodes VII-IX are sorted out. It is expected that the television show will be based parallel to the upcoming trilogy, much like Agents of Shield is with the current Marvel Universe. Many of the props from the movies, and possibly even cameo characters, will be used in the main storyline of the Star Wars television series.

The plot and characters are far from being revealed because they may reveal major spoilers for the upcoming movies. However, much like Agents of Shield, it will be the perfect companion to the movie franchise, allowing minor characters to get the attention they deserve and a means to introduce and tease upcoming plots.

Cinelinx reported on the Star Wars television show after reports from a secret source were shared on the Making Star Wars site. Jason Ward, editor in chief, shared that J.J. Abrams is devoted to the new direction that Star Wars is going. He also shared about the television series in a brief comment.

“Oh yeah, my source also mentioned that a television series based in the Star Wars universe like Marvel’s Agents of Shield is ramping up a bit. I assume they don’t mean the premise is like Agents of Shield. EW dropped some solid quotes about this in 2013.”

Although it is all just rumor at this point, what would you like to see in a live action Star Wars television show? Would you like a similar format to Agents of Shield, or something entirely different and new? What characters would you like to see?

[Photo Courtesy: Entertainment Weekly]