WWE News: Major Backstage Update On Brock Lesnar Babyface Turn At WrestleMania

Last night, on ESPN's SportsCenter, Brock Lesnar shocked the world when he announced his decision to give up the UFC forever. The reigning-WWE champion announced that it was a tough choice to walk away from MMA, but he did what he had to do for his family and long-term health. Lesnar also announced that he signed with the WWE two nights ago, which was a rumor for the last week. Here's the full interview:

At Lesnar's age, 37, the long trek to the UFC wouldn't have guaranteed him safety. With the WWE's limited schedule they proposed to Lesnar, the offer that it came with was too hard to decline. Now, the big question remains: will Lesnar leave WrestleMania with the WWE World Heavyweight championship?

That's what is in the mind of every WWE fan, because Lesnar signed a new WWE deal. If he didn't come to terms with Vince McMahon, then Lesnar leaving would've been an easy decision. In an earlier update on the Inquisitr, the WWE is expecting Roman Reigns to be heavily booed, especially due to Lesnar staying with the WWE.

According to E-Wrestling News, a babyface turn for Brock Lesnar is expected right now. However, there is a chance of something even bigger occurring at WrestleMania with Paul Heyman.

"A babyface turn is expected to occur for him, possibly as soon as WrestleMania. WWE has been discussing a babyface turn since the beginning of the year. There is even talk that Paul Heyman may turn on Lesnar at WrestleMania 31, aligning himself with Roman Reigns and becoming his "mouthpiece". Numerous WWE officials know that Reigns needs help on the stick (microphone) and Heyman would be able to provide that."
Both options are "money" for WWE, and they will definitely cash in on either opportunity. The difficult decision on what to book at WrestleMania will come down to the long-term booking of Roman Reigns. He's easily the wild card for Sunday's pay-per-view. Lesnar staying does give them a slew of options, which is exactly what they needed.

Personally, I'd like to see Paul Heyman turn on Lesnar and align himself with Roman Reigns. That way, the hatred that will be targeted at Roman Reigns will actually make sense. He'll be a heel with Heyman. Along with that, Lesnar will have turned babyface, which gives him time to "rest up" and beat Reigns down the road.

Lesnar will not be around full-time, which he confirmed in his interview. He's working part-time, making full-time money. If the WWE doesn't book Reigns to win the WWE championship, few WWE fans might find that is wasted time of his build to WrestleMania. No matter how the WWE Universe looks as it, the main event will shape-up to be excellent and take many fans by surprise.

[Photo by Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images]