Guy Cooked Parents: Henry Chau Gets Life Sentence After Killing, Dismembering, And Cooking His Parents

A guy who cooked his parents was sentenced to life in prison after confessing to their murders. According to Sport Act, Henry Chau of Hong Kong not only murdered his parents, but he dismembered them, salted them, and then cooked their bodies. He stored both of their heads in a freezer where they were found two weeks later by police.

"People may wonder why you did this. The fact there is no obvious answer is what makes you so dangerous. You fail in everything but the piano. You always blame your faults on others but not yourself […] your parents became the victims of your blame," said Justice Michael Stuart-Moore.

The guy who cooked his parents actually confessed to the crimes in a text message sent to a pal. According to The Source, Chau referred to himself as a "psychopath," and blamed his childhood for his actions. It is unclear whether or not Chau had intentions of eating the bodies, but authorities say that the body parts were found in garbage cans after they were cooked like "barbequed pork."

The guy who cooked his parents was handed a double life sentence, and was also sentenced to nine plus years for "preventing a proper burial" for his mom and dad. Bottom line: He is not getting out of prison... ever.

Back in November, a woman named Angela Stoldt was charged with first degree murder for similar crimes. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Stoldt confessed to murdering her neighbor James Sheaffer in Florida. She strangled him, dismembered his body, and then cooked his remains back in 2013.

"Stoldt drove the man's body to her home back in Deltona and placed his corpse into a kiddie pool in the garage. The next day, she hacked his body to pieces, separated them into another pool, and tried cremating them in an oven. When that failed, she solicited the help of her son to dispose of a 'dead deer carcass.' The two drove to a New Smyrna Beach fish house and dumped the body parts into dumpsters behind the building."
The guy who cooked his parents also solicited someone for help. Chau's "friend" Tse Chun-kei admitted to "dealing" with the bodies, but was acquitted of murder. Chau's parents' body parts were actually found at Chun-kei's home. Chau had been staying with his friend when he decided to kill his parents.

[Photo courtesy of Sport Act]