'Minecraft' Playstation And Xbox Editions Receive Small TU23 Patch

4J Studios announced the release of a small patch to Minecraft on PlayStation and Xbox consoles on Wednesday. The surprise TU23 update primarily delivers bug fixes with the PS4, PS3, and PS Vita Editions receiving some extra attention.

The Minecraft TU23 update is out now for all PlayStation platforms and the Xbox 360. The Xbox One Edition will receive the update later today.

The good news is that the update does fix some annoying issues with Minecraft on the consoles when playing split-screen. This includes crashes, and all players and mobs going invisible.

The PlayStation specific fixes include items such as correcting the hit boxes on Baby Zombies and placement of pistons, dispensers, and droppers. Players on the Sony systems also won't have to worry about their pet wolves teleporting to them while they are in a boat and seeing them drown.

Minecraft Texture Pattern Pack

The Mass Effect Mash-Up Pack and colorful Pattern Texture Pack that were released yesterday also received trial versions in the update. Players will now be able to try them out for free, but will not be able to save any world that uses them.

Minecraft fixes on all platforms
  • Fix for intermittent split-screen problem where players and mobs went invisible.
  • Fix for a split-screen crash after prolonged gameplay.
  • Fix for an issue causing client players to hang when creating a Wither.
  • Fix for graphic corruption with Red Stone Comparator.
  • Fix for a crash when a player is fishing. (except Xbox 360)
PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PS Vita specific fixes
  • Added Pattern Texture Pack trial content.
  • Added Mass Effect Mash-up Pack trial content.
  • Fixed issue placing Pistons, Dispensers, and Droppers.
  • Added Quick Move to the Horse Inventory.
  • Made some fixes to player privileges.
  • Corrected Baby Zombie hit boxes size.
  • Added "Where are we now" Music Disc in Survival Mode.
  • Fix for a bug where a Chest didn't disappear when destroyed.
  • Fix for player sometimes taking fall damage while in a boat.
  • Fixed an issue where a player's wolves could teleport to them when they were in a boat, and kill them.
  • Updated Lapis Lazuli block texture.
Xbox One specific fix
  • Added Pattern Texture Pack trial content.
As mentioned yesterday, there is still no word on future Minecraft updates for PlayStation and Xbox consoles that add content and features, versus just fixing bugs. 4J Studios has taken to just announcing that an update is out the last few updates, versus providing information on what is coming and revealing when it has been submitted for certification.

Presumably, 4J is working on the 1.7.2 update to the PC version of Minecraft and its subsequent patches. The official name for this was "The Update that Changed the World," due to the 11 new biomes that were added, plus the new terrain generator.

[Images via Xbox Wire]