'The Conners': Dan May Get Help From A Surprising Source As He Faces Loss Of The Home He Built With Roseanne

The Conners will tackle a major money problem in the final episode of the season, but a surprising duo could save the day.

In the Season 2 finale titled "Bridge over Troubled Conners," Conner patriarch Dan (John Goodman) will reveal that the family home is in danger of foreclosure. Dan and his late wife, Roseanne (Roseanne Barr), lived in the house since at least the early 1980s and made it a family home for their extended clan over the years.

The loss of the home would obviously be a devastating blow to the TV family and to fans of the original Roseanne show. The house— and its signature Afghan-covered couch— has been their setting since the franchise debuted on ABC more than 30 years ago. It also remains the one constant from the original series.

But while Dan needs to come up with an eye-popping chunk of change in order to save the house, all may not be lost. In an interview with ABC7, The Conners star Laurie Metcalf (Aunt Jackie) offered a small bit of hope for fans worried about the future of the Lanford-based clan.

"I can't give anything away," Metcalf said. "You're not going to get it out of me. I can't spoil anything. I've been warned, but it's a great finale."

But in reference to Dan's financial problems, Metcalf teased that she thinks "Darlene and Ben are going to try and help him out."

The teaser that Dan's daughter Darlene (Sara Gilbert) and her boyfriend Ben (Jay R. Ferguson) might offer financial help comes just as a sneak peek from the episode posted by Entertainment Tonight shows the two are preparing to fly the Conner coop and get a place of their own not too far from the family's Delaware Street abode.

In the sneak peek scene from the finale, Dan's new girlfriend Louise (Katey Sagal) shares the bad news with Darlene and Ben behind her boyfriend's back.

"He's in trouble with the mortgage," Louise says of Dan. "The bank's gonna take the house... He owes $4,000."

Louise explains that Dan's work has been slow and things got away from him, and she adds that the Conner patriarch is too proud to tell his family about his financial problems. But it's clear that the news could change Darlene's plans to move out.

Of course, Darlene and Ben aren't rolling in the dough either, as they struggle to make money with their mugshot magazine. As such, fans will have to tune in to see how the Conners' mortgage mess plays out.