Iggy Azalea Fesses Up To Implants — Just Not The Ones Everyone Expected

Iggy Azalea has come clean about her implants. Before you say, "Duh!" you might want to read a little further, because it's possible the Aussie rapper isn't speaking about the implants you are thinking of.

Recently, Iggy answered 73 Questions for Vogue. When asked what she would change about herself, Azalea confessed that she'd recently had work done.

"I did change something: Four months ago, I got bigger boobs! I'd thought about it my entire life."
Iggy Azalea, if you've ever seen her early music videos, had a distinctively pear shape, with very small bustline. She said that she was tired of using padding during concerts to imitate the breast size she wanted. Iggy admitted that she initially intended to keep the surgery a secret. The reason is she was worried about the example she would set for more body-conscious fans. And then Azalea realized something important.
"I decided I wasn't into secret-keeping.
There's a good chance that if Vogue hadn't brought the question of her breasts up, she would have admitted to the implants at a later time.

But about the other implants that Iggy Azalea has been accused of having? Many fans, haters, and onlookers are convinced that Azalea has a "fake butt" thanks to implants or injections.

These rumors grew worse when she was photographed with a famous Hollywood plastic surgeon. Iggy responded that she was at the office to support a friend who was having work done.
"I was waiting for my friend to wake up after her operation, so we got yogurt together. I was the designated driver. If I was worried about what people think, I wouldn't have posed for the pic or hung out in the lobby of a surgeon's office."
It does seem logical given Iggy Azalea's recent confession. After all, who takes a selfie with a plastic surgeon if their intent is to keep said surgery a mystery?

It's no mystery that Azalea has backed away from social media after ugly backlash about her body and opinions. Someone else will now be running her official accounts, and she'll only pop up for special announcements.

Well, if fans (and haters) were hoping for her to quell rumors about her derrière via Twitter, it's probably never going to happen.

Do you think Iggy Azalea has had more work done than what she's admitted to?

[Image Credit: Jonathan Leibson/Stringer/Getty Images]