Zayn Malik’s Rumored Wedding Moved Up: ‘Will Do Anything To Please Her’

Zayn Malik is in the news for angering fellow bandmate Liam Payne by apparently dropping out of the current One Direction tour in order to deal with his angry girlfriend. While it is still not official that Zayn Malik is leaving One Direction, rumors are circulating that he is moving up the wedding date. Could Zayn Malik be the first person in One Direction to be a married man?

Of course, this comes up during the rumored One Direction breakup scandal — and Zayn Malik’s fiance is at the center of the battle. When a fan posted a picture of Zayn Malik and Louis Tomlinson during their South East Asia tour, she implied that there was something raunchy going on with Zayn. Through social media, Perrie Edwards allegedly thought that Zayn Malik was cheating on her — and things are said to have gotten ugly between the two of them.

According to New! Magazine U.K., Zayn Malik and Perrie Edwards have dated since 2011, got engaged in 2013, and have been trying to have a wedding over the past year. In late 2014, Zayn Malik and Perrie had to delay their wedding plans again because of One Direction’s 2015 World Tour.

To recap the events that occurred during the third week of March – when Zayn Malik bowed out of the tour dates in Manila and Jakarta – his main reason reportedly was that it was truly important for him to make things right with his girlfriend. Zayn Malik even tweeted on March 18, “I am 22 years old… and I love a girl named Perrie Edwards. And there’s a lot of jealous ***** in this world I’m sorry for what it looks like x.”

Billboard Magazine gave a report card on the love life of One Direction and confirmed that Perrie Edwards was mad at Zayn Malik. However, that is not what the management team behind One Direction said about Zayn Malik leaving the tour. Instead, they claimed that Zayn Malik was leaving the tour, but not One Direction, because of stress.

The Daily Star U.K. stated, “The pop hunk has instructed his lawyers to see if “get-out” clauses will allow him to quit the band.” They also state that an insider source says the following.

“There is a big split down the middle of the group… At the moment he’s convinced he wants out. He is finding it all too much and wants to quit the group…. His legal team is seeing what the situation is. There is a strong chance he will have to fulfill his commitments and he might change his mind once he’s had time away from the spotlight…. But as it stands he’s not keen to continue. [sic]”

Yikes! Could all of this just be a way for Zayn Malik to prove to Perrie Edwards that he would do anything to make her happy — including quitting One Direction?

According to Sugarscape, there are two rumors going around about Zayn Malik and the wedding. Since the quotes are not found online, the rumors they quoted are most likely found in print magazine sources in the U.K. One is from New! Magazine U.K., and they claim that a source close to Perrie Edwards said the following.

“Perrie feels horribly embarrassed. Right now she needs more time to really think about what she wants and she has put him on probation. She’s told him one more slip-up and it’s over.”

Also quoted by Sugarscape, a source told Closer Magazine the following statement — which has become a rumor that Zayn Malik and Perrie Edwards will be married soon.

“Now his plan has backfired and he’s gutted that Perrie has been left humiliated. He’s told Perrie he’ll do anything to please her and wants to stop pushing their wedding date back. He says he wants to get married this year, but Perrie is finding it hard to let go of what she’s seen.”

Could there be wedding bells for Zayn Malik soon — or will he lose Perrie and One Direction both at the same time? For now, fans will have to wait for the rumors to pan out.

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