‘RHOBH’ Blog: Lisa Rinna Claims Kim Richards Was Trying To Use Her To Take Kyle Down

In her RHOBH blog, Lisa Rinna spoke of the whirlwind of emotions she experienced during the finale episode of the show.

On March 24, after The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills episode had aired, Rinna took to her RHOBH blog, where she looked back on her confrontation with Richards, and discussed the ongoing feud between Kyle and Kim.

“I was done, done, DONE with Kim Richards at this point. I went to this party with zero intentions of talking TO Kim, ABOUT Kim, and definitely nothing around Kim’s forbidden topic of sobriety.”

During an Adrienne Maloof party, Rinna was seen first being confronted by Richards, who wanted to know more about her conversation with Brandi Glanville several episodes prior, and then by Richards’ sister, Kyle, who didn’t understand why she didn’t want to rehash the issue.

“It became quite evident that Kim was out to hurt Kyle. Kim was making it very clear that she chose not to believe what Kyle had told her, and she was trying to drag me in to help take down her sister,” Rinna explained of her decision to keep her mouth shut in her RHOBH blog.

According to the RHOBH blog, Rinna felt she needed to stay honest to herself, and keep her thoughts on Richards’ sobriety, and all related topics, to herself. Unfortunately, her failure to reveal what she had been told by Glanville resulted in her close friend, Kyle, and co-star, Eileen Davidson, getting upset with her.

As the Inquisitr previously reported, Rinna and Kyle Richards were seen butting heads during the issue because Kyle felt Rinna wasn’t backing her up. Eventually, as she explained in her RHOBH blog, Rinna agreed, and made the decision to speak up.

“I confirmed the conversation only because Kyle needed me to. Not because Kim wanted me to.”

Also in her RHOBH blog, Rinna claimed she never intended to make Glanville look bad during their lunch date because, at the time, she believed Glanville was coming from a place of concern for her friend. However, looking back at the issue now, Rinna said Glanville seems to forget how their conversation went.

Next week, fans will be reunited with Rinna and the rest of the cast during The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills season five reunion show. As Rinna explained in her RHOBH blog, the special, which is sure to be just as dramatic as the season, will air in three parts.

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