Amanda Knox Incriminated By Ex -- Who's Lying?

Someone is lying in the Amanda Knox case, but who is it? The American woman convicted of murder in Italy is facing the biggest obstacle in her pursuit to clear her name in the murder of Meredith Kercher. However, that obstacle just got worse thanks to her ex-boyfriend and co-defendant Raffaele Sollectio. The Daily Express reports that Sollecito has changed his story about what happened the night Meredith was killed. Will his new attempt at constructing an alibi fail both him and his former girlfriend?

A decision is expected to be made in Italy regarding Knox's conviction in just a matter of hours. Meanwhile, news of Sollecito's story change is aggressively circulating, letting the public know that he has allegedly thrown his former girlfriend under the proverbial bus. Sky News reports that Sollecito will be present at the hearing scheduled to determine whether or not their convictions will be upheld.

The loved ones of Meredith Kercher are not expected to attend the hearing. However, they've reportedly expressed the desire for Amanda Knox to be extradited to serve her time in prison if her conviction is upheld. The debate on whether or not Amanda will ever be extradited is a topic of hot interest in the United States, which is where most of her support base resides. Regardless of debate, extradition law is better left to the experts and the people who will be making the final decision on whether or not Knox will be extradited.

The Daily Mail is calling today "D-Day" in regards to Knox's case. Today is the day Knox will find out her fate, and that has plenty of people on edge -- especially Raffaele Sollecito, who has changed his alibi in a last ditch effort. Now Sollecito says that he and Knox smoked marijuana together, but he has no recollection of whether or not "Foxy Knoxy" was at his apartment with him throughout the course of the night. This comes, of course, years after investigators have proven that their original alibi of watching a movie together on his computer did not actually take place. Furthermore, his change in alibi still doesn't explain how his DNA got on Meredith's bra clasp.

Do you think Sollecito's change in alibi is going to help or harm him? As Knox and her supporters await the Italian court's decision, there's no doubt that Sollecito is also sweating bullets, especially since he's willing to roll over on Knox. The biggest question to ask in all of this is "who's telling the truth?"

[Photo: Enterprise News and Pictures via the Daily Mail]