Texas Babysitter’s Shocking Texts Show Horrifying Pattern Of Child Abuse

A Texas babysitter’s graphic text messages to her boyfriend demonstrate a horrifying pattern of abuse. Ashley Dack is a parent’s nightmare: the babysitter from Hell.

Ashley Dack, 29, and her boyfriend, Patrick Schuneman, 37, were both successful geologists for oil companies, according to the Huffington Post.

But apparently the persona that the two presented to the public was just that: a front. Behind the scenes, Dack was allegedly sexually assaulting children as young as 11 months old and detailing the acts in texts to Schuneman, according to prosecutors.

Warning: Graphic details below

Dack was arrested after allegedly bragging about the sexual abuse to one of her friends, who called police.

Dack was allegedly a predator who offered to babysit children, giving her easy access to them. According to Tiffany Dupree, a lead prosecutor in the case, the documented assaults date back to 2012.

In one unsettling conversation with Schunemen, Dack allegedly fantasized about kidnapping a young girl as young as four years old and bringing her to her boyfriend in a car. The two played out a sick scenario in which they would rape the youngster, and no one would be able to hear her in the car as Dack held down the victim by her neck.

When Schuneman texted to Dack on July 10 2013, “Gonna get our pics 2night?” According to the Huffington Post, Dack allegedly responded with a photo that showed her sexually assaulting a young girl with her fingers. Schuneman replied: “Best ever seen.” and “Thank you so much for my gift. Sweet dreams.”

In October 2014, Dack forwarded some of the incriminating messages to a friend who saved them for deputies at the Harris County Sheriff’s Department. Some people who knew Dack couldn’t believe what was so well hidden for a while. One of her friends from Boise State Univeristy, where she graduated in 2009 with a degree in geology, who spoke anonymously to HuffPost Crime, was skeptical at first, stating the following.

“When I heard, I was in disbelief–there’s no way, there’s gotta be some misunderstanding. I would never see her as doing that. She seemed perfectly normal. I mean, when people had kids, wanted a night out or whatever, she’d be the person to volunteer to take care of them. She’d make friends with professors and family, and it wasn’t uncommon for her to watch peoples’ kids as a favor. And nobody would think twice.”

The pair named their victims, and according to court documents, most of the abuse occurred while Dack babysat. According to Channel 13, FOX officers searched both Dack’s and Schuneman’s residences and seized an iPhone. Disturbing, disgusting graphic text messages were found.

Both Dack and Schuneman are charged with super-aggravated child assault and sexual performance by a child under 14. Dack is currently being held on a $350,000 bond, and the court declined bond for Schuneman.

What do you think should be done to Dack and Schuneman? Do you think that Dack should be able to get out of jail on bond, especially in light of the severity of her alleged offenses with minor children? There are theories that child abusers can never truly be rehabilitated. What do you think? Can child molesters ever be rehabilitated? Or should they be put in jail solely to be punished for such offenses?

In another case of horrific child abuse, two Detroit children were found dead in their family’s freezer, a gruesome discovery that led police to arrest the children’s own mother, according to an article in the Inquisitr.

[Photo Courtesy Huffington Post]