Vivica A. Fox Has Been Cast In ‘Independence Day 2’ — So Will Smith’s Character May Be Dead

Independence Day 2 is on its way, with new cast members being announced left and right. While the lead of the previous movie, Will Smith, has still not signed on to the sequel, a recent report claims that the wife of his character will be showing up again.

According to Vulture, Vivica A. Fox will be reprising her role as Jasmine Dubrow, a stripper who marries Smith’s character in the first Independence Day. The fact that Fox will return to play her previous role has left fans speculating that Will Smith’s heroic character may have kicked the bucket by the start of the second film. The director of Independence Day 2, Roland Emmerich, announced the return of Vivica A. Fox via his Twitter account.

In addition to Smith’s character’s wife, his son will also have a leading role in Independence Day 2, played by Jessie Usher. The new character will carry on the legacy of Will Smith’s iconic Captain Steven Hiller, presumably going toe-to-toe with more extraterrestrials hellbent on human destruction.

The only other star to return to the set will be Jeff Goldblum, reprising his role as the computer expert David Levinson, according to MTV. But even without the star power of Will Smith, Independence Day 2 should have no trouble drawing in an audience. While Usher might be a relatively fresh face filling Will Smith’s shoes, Liam Hemsworth has also been cast–and he brings a lot of star power on his own.

According to a previous report from the Inquisitr, Will Smith seriously considered signing on for Independence Day 2, but the filmmakers ultimately decided he was too expensive for the project. After all, Smith did make Forbes’ list of highest paid actors in 2014.

Despite the star’s absence, MTV is convinced it’s still possible he may return to the franchise. The first Independence Day was almost entirely focused on Will Smith’s character and owed a lot of its success to the actor, who was at his peak at that time. But Smith has had a run of failures lately, namely another movie in the same genre, After Earth, which drew in swarms of negative reviews and lost a lot of money. Smith wrote the concept himself and admitted the failure of the film broke his spirits.

What do you think? Will Independence Day 2 suffer without Will Smith?