‘Serena’ Sex Scenes: Jennifer Lawrence ‘Pointed And Laughed’ At Bradley Cooper

Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper have teamed together in several projects now, so it seems the word “comfortable” would be the most accurate in describing their working relationship. Indeed, in many ways Lawrence and Cooper are comfortable working with one another, but not so much when it comes to those steamy Serena sex scenes.

Arriving together for Serena‘s New York premiere, Bradley and Jennifer took the time to answer a few questions for reporters, regarding their latest project. ET Online wanted to know if Cooper and Lawrence found it comfortable to do sex scenes together, due to their friendship and history of working together.

“No,” Jennifer replied, never one to mince words. “I guess it’s more comfortable than not knowing the other person? I don’t know,” Lawrence continued. “They’re just awkward.”

“You never know how it’s going to be,” Cooper pointed out. “But for us, we laughed most of the time.”

“I pointed and laughed,” Jennifer admitted with her usual robust laughter.

In addition to Serena, Jennifer and Mr. Cooper have appeared together in the films Silver Linings Playbook and American Hustle. They will again co-star opposite one another in Joy, a drama directed by David O. Russell. Bradley and Ms. Lawrence described their relationship as a “work marriage,” which prompted another outburst from Jennifer.

“No sex,” Lawrence joked. “I know what you’re thinking.”

Revealing a true admiration for his co-star, Bradley said of Jennifer, “I respect her so much as a professional, as an actor, I think she’s the best there is.”

Always enjoying one another’s company, Jennifer and Cooper responded to questions with good humor and a candid honesty. As Variety asked them about their feelings, concerning Serena being released on V.O.D. before taking on theatrical releases, Jennifer added more of her special brand of humor to the topic.

Cooper: “I think it’s great.”

Lawrence: “I don’t know what VOD is. I thought it was some sort of disease.”

Cooper: “It could be.”

Lawrence: “I think it’s a huge crisis. Let’s talk about it, build awareness about it.”

Shooting for Serena took Bradley and Ms. Lawrence to Prague, where they described their downtime as enjoyable. When not involved in shooting scenes for the film, Bradley and Jennifer spent time riding horses and enjoying the country.

“We had a blast,” said Jennifer. “We always have a blast working together, obviously.”

Perhaps the time spent filming in Prague with someone like Bradley helped Jennifer put her own love life in perspective, away from prying eyes of the media.