Demi Lovato Linked To Monica Lewinsky Over Bullying: Cares About Other Issues

Lately, Demi Lovato news has been linked to her three-year sobriety anniversary, but there are other causes important to Demi that are popping up. In particular, Demi Lovato is being tied in headlines to Monica Lewinsky in relation to bullying. Is the former President Bill Clinton’s mistress going after Demi Lovato — or is Lewinsky an ally of Lovato’s?

How did Demi Lovato get involved with bullying? Last summer, BSC Kids reports that Demi Lovato’s song “Really Don’t Care” became the internet anthem of LGBTQ teens across America. However, Demi Lovato points out that her relationship with bullying goes deeper than that.

In 2012, Demi Lovato told People Magazine, “I had a really tough time when I was in middle school. People would write “hate petitions” [about me] and send them around to be signed. They’d have CD-bashing parties of my demos. They’d come to my house, stand across the street and yell things. It was a very emotional time for me, and all I wanted to do was get away. [sic]”

Last fall, Demi Lovato was on her world tour when she stepped up to the plate on the bullying topic. In the New York Daily News, Demi Lovato was described as someone coming out about her own bullying because of the encouragement of her fans during the summer of 2014. The idea of loving yourself, despite setbacks, took on form when Demi Lovato became a part of the anti-bullying Tyler Clementi Foundation.

About bullying, Demi Lovato stated in October, “I know how it feels to be bullied and it’s not a fun experience…. It can really damage you mentally and no one should have to go through that, ever…. It’s important to stay strong and know that at the end of the day, other people’s opinions really don’t matter. What really matters most is how you feel about yourself. [sic]”

Clearly, Demi Lovato has the support of other stars. For instance, after her interview in October while on her Demi Lovato World Tour, she was bullied on Twitter. When Demi Lovato took a stand, J14 Magazine reports that Iggy Azalea stepped forward to let Demi know that she had her back on the bullying issue.

Along with “Really Don’t Care,” Demi Lovato feels her song “Skyscraper” is also about bullying. When interviewed by the Huffington Post in early March, Demi Lovato spoke about the message behind the lyrics of her song “Skyscraper.” Demi Lovato explained that there were no actual skyscrapers where she was growing up, but the skyscraper was actually Demi Lovator herself.

Demi Lovato said, “I would stand tall against all the people who bullied me when I was in school and say, ‘You know what, you never broke me. I’m actually rising taller than you are.”


Now, Monica Lewinsky, former mistress of President Clinton, is being tied to Demi Lovato due to a TED presentation Lewinsky filmed in late March called “The Price of Shame.” In the ABC News article about the TED talk, they state that Lewinsky was empowered by cyberbullying victims like Demi Lovato that took a stand against bullying.

However, Monica Lewinsky differs from Demi Lovato’s experiences in one key way. About her dealings with bullying online and offline, ABC News states that Lewinsky said, “I was patient zero of losing a personal reputation on a global scale almost instantaneously.”

Is Demi Lovato solely dedicated to the bullying cause? It appears that Demi Lovato has other issues that she cares about too.

On March 19, Perez Hilton published an exclusive video clip from Demi Lovato. The clip was Demi Lovato’s wrap-up with a Los Angeles audience where she speaks of her plans for the future. In the talk, Demi Lovato reveals that the reason she wants to start doing more charity work is to get support for people that want rehab — but cannot afford it.

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