Mom Charged Three Killings: Florida Mom Allegedly Kills Her Three Children, Injures Self In Suicide Attempt

A mom has been charged in three killings after allegedly murdering her children, and sending blood-filled photos to her ex-boyfriend. According to KTLA, Jessica Lacey McCarty has been charged with the murder of two of her children, a 8-year-old girl, and a 5-month-old boy, and will likely be charged with the murder of her 6-year-old who died yesterday.

The little girl and the youngest child were both pronounced dead at the scene while the 6-year-old was revived, and put on life support. He passed away on Monday.

When police arrived at the woman’s home, she was standing outside holding a knife, and was injured herself. When police ordered her to drop the knife, she refused. Officers then opened fire, shooting a few bean bag rounds (which are “less lethal”) at her. Once she was down, she was transferred to a nearby hospital where she was treated for “non life-threatening” injuries. What police found inside the woman’s house, however, was simply heartbreaking, and something that they couldn’t have predicted.

The mom charged in the three killings decided to text her youngest son’s father pictures of the bloody mess that she left at the house. He showed up an unspecified amount of time later, and began performing CPR on his little boy.

Police say that the woman tried to kill herself after allegedly stabbing her three kids. According to People Magazine, McCarty is on suicide watch. She was placed in a suicide prevention vest, and is being held without bond.

“It’s difficult to understand why these things happen. The thought of children struggling for their lives is gut-wrenching,” said Palm Bay Police Chief Mark Renkens.

Stories of mothers killing their children are very hard to read about. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, a mother in Kansas confessed to killing her 10-year-old son because she felt that he would be “better off” in heaven. Back in December, Lindsey Nicole Blansett, 33, told a 911 dispatcher that she killed her son, Caleb. Although Blansett’s mental health was in question, many felt as though her children (Caleb had a 9-year-old sister) were not properly protected.

As far as Jessica Lacey McCarty goes, neighbors are completely shocked to hear this devastating news. She is due in court this week where she will formally be read the charges against her. It is unknown if she has confessed to the murders, or if she had any known mental health issues before allegedly going on this rampage. A motive is unclear at this time.

[Photo courtesy of the Palm Bay Police Department via KTLA]