‘Mindy Project’ Spoilers, Renewal News: What Can Fans Expect?

The Mindy Project Season 3 finale airs Tuesday night on Fox, and fans are anxious to see what lies ahead. This episode is titled “Best Man,” and there are some crazy twists and turns ahead. Fans are a bit worried, however, about where things will be left at the end of the show. What Mindy Project spoilers are available, and what news is out there regarding a renewal or cancellation?

TVLine teases that this episode is jam-packed with action, and fans will see quite the gathering of Mindy’s ex-boyfriends all in one place. Mindy Project spoilers indicate that Morgan will gather many of the exes, including Lee, Jamie, Josh, and Casey, because he mistakenly gets the impression that Mindy and Danny aren’t sure about the baby’s paternity.

While viewers know exactly which boyfriend is the baby’s father, that doesn’t mean there aren’t difficult moments ahead. Mindy sets up a dinner with her parents so that Danny can meet them, but he misses the event. It seems she will then question his commitment to their relationship.

What is so important that it would cause Danny to skip out on Mindy and her parents? Those Mindy Project spoilers remain under wraps for now, but viewers will get an answer in Tuesday’s finale. Will viewers actually get to meet Mindy’s parents? That is another detail that is also still under wraps, but there are hints that they will remain a mystery for now.

Mindy Project spoilers indicate that there will be news regarding Peter and Lauren’s wedding, and photos for “Best Man” reveal that Peter will pop up in this episode. Laura Dern will appear in this episode, playing Mindy’s OB-GYN. Kaling teases a lot of funny moments ahead, but will fans be left hanging? Unfortunately, that may well be the case. A Mindy Project renewal has not yet been granted by Fox, but the network hasn’t canceled the show either.

Kaling told Entertainment Weekly that she doesn’t think this is the end yet, as she has a good feeling the show will be back for Season 4 and she knows she has more stories to tell. Fans would certainly be left disappointed if this were the end, without getting the chance to see Mindy and Danny’s baby be born.

Mindy also teases that there is a wedding in this episode, though she won’t say just who is getting hitched. However, Kaling does reveal via Yahoo! TV that she is asked by Peter to be his best man, thus the finale episode title. Mindy also says that this finale is a very romantic episode, and that viewers will really love Chris Messina in this one.

The Mindy Project star notes that this show has often been on the bubble when it comes to renewals, and this time around is no exception. There seem to be a lot of signs that the show will return, including an order by Fox just last November for six more episodes this season. Kaling says that the Season 3 finale is a great one, but there is a cliffhanger and fans will want to see what comes next.

Just how will Season 3 end? Tune in to The Mindy Project finale airing on Tuesday, March 24 and then stay tuned for Season 4 renewal or show cancellation news from Fox.

[Photo by John P. Fleenor/Fox]