NASA Releases A Series Of Earth Photographs From Space Showing Our Changing World [Gallery]

Ever since 2006, when Al Gore presented An Inconvenient Truth, many people around the world became proactive in lowering their carbon footprint because the documentary blames human beings for intense droughts and freak storms. The Inquisitr reported numerous times on climate change (formerly known as global warming), in which a scientist is accused of scamming people with claims of “solar cooling.” The scam, however, comes on the heels of a bleak report issued by the United Nations (UN) Climate Change panel.

Nevertheless, the topic of climate change is a touchy one, in which people either believe in it or not. To help people understand its impact on the world, NASA released a series of pictures from space of our world showing its constant changing. Some of the pictures enforce the view that some changes are brought about by climate change.

According to RYOT, NASA collected dozens of satellite photos for their gallery titled “Images of Change.” In it, the photos showcase human growth and expansion on the planet, climate change impact on lakes, deforestation, and after-effects caused by mega-storms around the world.

The Daily Mail also reported on the NASA gallery, which they explain that the gallery was made to show people climate change is a real thing. Randal Jackson, the internet manager for NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, verifies this in a statement to Fast Company.

“Climate change is kind of an abstract concept for most people, or it feels like it’s something that happens invisibly or it’s going to happen in the future. The Images of Change gallery gives us an opportunity to make it feel a little bit more real.”

Ten of the pictures from the “Images of Change” gallery have been attached below in the following gallery. As mentioned earlier in the article, the images doesn’t just showcase climate change, but also the impact humans have on our land outside of said climate change. If you want to see all 301 pictures, you can view the actual gallery at NASA.

[Post Images via NASA]