NeNe Leakes: Kandi Burruss Failed Phaedra Parks And Is ‘Hateful And Jealous’

NeNe Leakes denies that she’s the cause of most of the problems on The Real Housewives of Atlanta. In her latest blog post, NeNe explained why she walked out of Dr. Jeff’s group therapy session, which she arranged.

NeNe accused Dr. Jeff and the show of trying to make her look bad.

“He’s got a job to do too, right? How well do I know how that works? It works about as well as those blue cards he was reading off of with all the producer’s notes on them! LOL! The things they try to do to turn the viewers against you! Over the years I’ve learned you have to get up from the table when love is no longer being served!”

NeNe then pointed out that much of the drama that has happened this season does not involve her but the other women. Surprisingly, the person that NeNe went after the hardest in her blog was not Claudia Jordan, Kenya Moore or Cynthia Bailey but Kandi Burruss. At the end of her blog post, NeNe dedicated a whole paragraph to criticizing Kandi, whom she believes is a backstabber and failed as a friend to Phaedra Parks.

“PS: Kandi, I always knew you didn’t like me but you truly showed me how hateful and jealous you are! You don’t have a real reason to be mad. You should be mad that you were MIA on your friend but you chose to throw salt on me because I was just a shoulder for Phaedra. There’s no where in this season where you see me saying negative things about you! You said all those things about me because you fail as a friend! If I were you, I would call Dr. Jeff for help #girlbye.”

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, as Sunday night’s episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta aired, NeNe warned one of her co-stars, who she said “is such a hater” of hers and has “so much sh*t to say” about Friday’s reunion show filming. NeNe then immediately retweeted a fan’s tweet that Kandi is “sneaky.


While NeNe and Kandi have never been very good friends during their time together on the show, they haven’t have major conflicts either. So what prompted NeNe’s outburst? It seems that NeNe didn’t like how Kandi spoke about her on the latest episode and on her recent blog posts.

Kandi Burruss refused to participate in the group’s video message to NeNe Leakes, made during the therapy session that NeNe walked out of, because she thought it was”kissing [NeNe]’s ass.” Kandi also later told Cynthia Bailey that she thought that NeNe was just trying to “mark her territory.” In one blog post for The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Kandi wrote that NeNe “never feels that she is wrong, and if you tell her that she is or if you don’t agree with her, then she’s going to have a problem with you.”

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