Men Who Exercise Regularly Perform Better In Bed, Research Finds

According to new research carried out by scientists at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, men who are in good shape and get regular exercise perform better in bed.

The study goes even further to suggest that the more strenuous the exercise, the better the sex will be, as erectile function and general performance is greatly enhanced by regular exercise.

The scientists found that men who had more frequent exercise, a total of 18 metabolic equivalents, known as METS, per week, had higher sexual function scores, meaning they were able to perform better in bed, and for longer.

18 METS works out to about two hours of strenuous exercise, like running or swimming, or the equivalent of three-and-a-half hours of moderate exercise.

According to the senior author of the study, Adriana Vidal, “This study is the first to link the benefits of exercise in relation to improved erectile and sexual function in a racially diverse group of patients,” with data having been gathered from 300 participants.

As well as keeping a close record of the exercise they were getting, the men also reported on their sexual function, with those who worked out more having the ability to have long-lasting erections and strong orgasms.

A co-author on the study, Stephen Freedland spoke about the findings, “When it comes to exercise, there really is no one-size-fits-all approach. However, we are confident that even some degree of exercise, even if less intense, is better than no exercise at all.'”

At the same time, a urologist at Bristol Royal Infirmary, Raj Persad, told reporters, “The body needs a good blood supply for an erection – and erectile problems are actually a very clear barometer of cardiovascular health. That’s because the penile arteries are smaller than coronary ones, so become furred up faster.”

There’s also bad new for men in their forties who have issues with getting an erection, as Cardiologist Graham Jackson, of the Sexual Advice Association, said, “A man in his 40s with erectile dysfunction has a 50-fold greater risk of having a heart attack over the next ten years. It’s actually a predictor of death rather than simply heart disease.”

[Image credit: Erectiledoctor]