Cristiano Ronaldo Linked To Manchester City Transfer Again, City Players Confident Of Move

Cristiano Ronaldo has once again been linked to a transfer away from Real Madrid, and this time it has been alleged that Manchester City are preparing a bid for the current Ballon d'Or holder.

During his appearance on the Sky Sports program Revista de La Liga, Spanish soccer expert Graham Hunter revealed that Manchester City's players are extremely confident that the reigning Premier League holders will make a move for the Portuguese forward.

"I know that the players at Manchester City were talking very, very firmly that they believed there was a successful move coming from that club over the last couple of weeks," Hunter declared.

However, Hunter also made it clear that just because the City players want Ronaldo to join them at the Etihad, doesn't mean that it will be a reality.

"Whether that makes it true or not, I wouldn't like to say," Hunter admitted.

Hunter believes that there has never been a better opportunity for the likes of Manchester City, Chelsea, Manchester United, and Bayern Munich to test the resolve of Real Madrid with a bid for Ronaldo.

"What we know is the mega clubs, with petrodollars, there's never been a better time to say: 'Well, would you like to cash in on your chips?'" he added.

But even if these bids are made, it will ultimately be Ronaldo who decides if he leaves the club or not. "Ultimately, it will always be down to the player," Hunter continued. "When you are No. 1 in the world, he will decide." Despite his comments, Hunter also added the coda of, "I don't think he has decided to leave yet."

Hunter's fellow analyst on Revista de La Liga echoed his sentiments, as Guillem Balague remarked, "Cristiano Ronaldo 100 percent will be at Real Madrid next season."

Ronaldo has been linked to a transfer away from the Bernabeu throughout the campaign. As recently as January, Ronaldo teased, just after being presented with his second consecutive Ballon d'Or, that "only God knows" which club he would end up at. However he also insisted at the time that he was happy at Real Madrid.

If Manchester City were to make a bid for and actually purchase Cristiano Ronaldo, it would severely upset their cross city rivals Manchester United. Ronaldo previously played for the Red Devils between 2003 and 2009, leading them to three Premier League titles as well as the European Cup in 2008.

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