Sharks Feeding Frenzy: Louisiana Oil Worker Films Hundreds Of Sharks Off Coast [Video]

Sharks caught in a feeding frenzy off the Louisiana coast were caught on camera, and the super cool footage is now starting to go viral. According to Mail Online, oil workers in the area filmed the incredible sight, which featured hundreds of sharks in the waters off Grand Isle. Experts say that the sharks were likely following large schools of fish heading into warmer waters.

The video was taken by an oil rig worker who climbed up high to get a better vantage point. According to ABC 7 Chicago, this migration happens each year in the spring time. The sharks swim further south in the winter, and usually start heading north in the warmer months of April, May, and June. Evidently they are migrating a bit earlier this year, which could have a lot to do with the weather.

The sharks in the feeding frenzy in Louisiana were likely several different species. They were described as medium in size, which categorizes various shark species. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, blacktips and bull sharks are just two types of sharks that are regularly found in this region.

[Photo courtesy of YouTube]