Marvel ‘Civil War 2’? Infamous Battle Returning To The Comics

Is Marvel “Civil War 2” about to begin? According to comic book writer Charles Soule, the next round is due to hit this July.

This time, the big battle isn’t going to be just between Marvel super heroes. The “Secret Wars” storyline will expand on the classic story arc and bring in non-heroes as well. This civil war will involve the entire nation, and not just the political disagreement between Tony Stark (who is now President) and Captain America.

As the theaters prepare to deliver their own abridged version of the classic story arc in Captain America: Civil War, Marvel Comics is planning to mirror it.

In the new Marvel “Civil War 2” storyline, it’s not the United States hosting the battle this time. It’s a nation called Warzone, an isolated part of the Battleworld, and once again, it will involve nearly every character in the Marvel Comics universe.

Charles Soule explained his ambitious idea for Marvel “Civil War 2” to Marvel News.

“It takes the premise of the original [Civil War] – a super hero-focused internal battle – and expands it out to deliver on the promise of the title. In this new story, the Civil War has been going on for a long time, and it involves all of us – the entire country – not just the super heroes. There’s a twist to the early part of the story that I don’t want to spoil yet, but I will say that Captain America and Tony Stark are still very much at odds in this book.”

“The story is located in a nation on the Battleworld called the Warzone. That spot is pretty isolated from the rest of Battleworld, and there are story reasons for that, which you’ll see. It was important to me to write a story that could work either as an independent book … or as part of the larger story. That was a tricky thing to pull off, but I think it works.”

“Let’s be honest, though: we’ll all be reading ‘Secret Wars.’”

With the Marvel “Civil War 2” hitting the shelves in July ahead of the big screen version of the original, it’s hard to tell if the Marvel Cinematic Universe might do the same thing eventually. If it does happen, we will probably see some recast characters, much like James Rhodes from the Iron Man films, due to some actors like Chris Evans possibly retiring.

Are you excited to see what Charles Soule comes up with in “Secret Wars” to expand on the classic story arc?

[Image via Comic Vine]