‘The Walking Dead’ Season 5 Finale Spoilers: Hints That Daryl Will Die?

The Walking Dead fans may be in for a shocking surprise during the Season 5 finale on Sunday night. According to the Huffington Post, there are more than a few signs that fan favorite character, Daryl Dixon, might be the one to die in the extended 90-minute finale.

The report suggests that the odds of Daryl’s death in the finale are good, considering that he is now a recruiter with Aaron, a job that leaves him very vulnerable to the outside elements, such as walkers and other survivors of the non-friendly persuasion. This means that Daryl could get attacked by the living or the dead at any moment when he’s on the road.

In addition to Daryl’s dangerous new job, some believe that his character arc is complete, now that both his brother Merle and his close friend Beth have died. Although Dixon still has his “brother” Rick Grimes and his original best friend Carol, his relationship with both of them has changed greatly, and so have all three of their lives, since the attack on the prison by the Governor.

Actor Norman Reedus, who plays the beloved Daryl Dixon on The Walking Dead, is also scheduled to appear on the after show, The Talking Dead, following the Season 5 finale. In the past, the characters who have died will appear on the show as a final goodbye. However, that does not mean Daryl’s fate is sealed officially. Melissa McBride, who plays Carol, will also be on the show as well, as a surprise cast member, who will likely be someone who dies in the finale.

Meanwhile, Reedus has reportedly taken on a handful of new projects, which have made some fans very nervous that he might have more time on his hands, possibly due to Daryl being killed off the show.

Other fans think that Glenn Rhee’s time is coming very soon, and although the comic book death of Glenn is near, that doesn’t mean that he’ll be killed off on the show. However, fans are already holding their breathes,hoping that their favorite characters don’t get the ax on Sunday night. Entertainment Weekly reports that Steven Yeun, who plays Glenn, has been on his acting game over the past few episodes, as his character has been engaged in a battle with Alexandria bad boy, Nicholas.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Rick and the gang will be in jeopardy yet again in Alexandria on the season finale, so anything can, and probably will, happen.

Do you think Daryl Dixon will die on The Walking Dead Season 5 finale?