Kathryn Calhoun Reveals Thomas Ravenel Lied And Kept Secrets From Her

Mary Jane

Kathryn Calhoun is the young redhead on Southern Charm who surprised everyone when she announced that she was pregnant with Thomas Ravenel's child at the end of Season 1. Several of the cast members on Southern Charm had hooked up with Kathryn prior to Thomas getting her pregnant, so many felt that Calhoun was using him. Regardless, Ravenel loved his new role as a father, and the couple appeared to be happy.

But as the Season 2 preview of Southern Charm reveals, trouble has been brewing for Kathryn Calhoun and Thomas for quite some time. During the premiere episode, Kathryn was shocked to learn that Thomas had been flirting with a girl during Kensington's Christening, meaning she was promptly removed from the godmother role. A second Christening had to take place, according to the Inquisitr.

According to a new Bravo report, Southern Charm star, Kathryn Calhoun, is now revealing that she learned much more about Ravenel and a woman named Jen's relationship as time went on. And clearly, Kathryn felt that he had been lying to her.

"Thomas had been speaking secretly, or so he thought, with several women during my pregnancy. I have wonderful peripherals. I knew when Jennifer showed up to a dinner party, supposedly made up of only our close friends, she was the 'Jen' I had seen texting him for months prior to giving birth," Kathryn Calhoun reveals, adding, "It hurt that he led me to believe that he hardly knew her but apparently knew her very well, which I learned at the dinner party."

One of the more shocking admissions came when Calhoun learned that Thomas had indeed had some sort of relationship with Jen prior to the meeting they had with all of the cast members. The sad part was that Kathryn learned of this relationship at the same time as everyone else.

"He was truthful when our guests asked, and they found out about their relationship, or that they had some type of relationship, at the same time I did. It was embarrassing to me that I believed him and only made me question more why he kept whatever their relationship was a secret for over a year," Kathryn Calhoun adds.

It is no wonder that Calhoun struggled in the relationship. Thomas recently revealed that he had split from Kathryn, but during a recent sit-down with Andy Cohen, the two were back on. The split was blamed on the age difference, but Thomas was spotted kissing another woman on social media.

What do you think of Kathryn Calhoun's comments about Ravenel? Are you surprised he lied about his relationships?

[Image via Bravo]