Tom Sandoval Speaks Out Against Jax Taylor

Tom Sandoval and Jax Taylor appear to be best friends on Vanderpump Rules, but after Season 3 and allegations of an affair, Sandoval claims that’s no longer the case.

As fans saw on the last season of the Bravo series, Taylor claimed Tom Sandoval had been unfaithful to girlfriend Ariana Madix during a trip to Miami. However, after the alleged hookup, Annemarie Kunkel, showed up at SUR Lounge, Tom Sandoval denied having slept with her, and now, he claims his relationship with Taylor is a bit strained.

“Jax has done things like this a number of times. It’s not one of those things you get used to,” Tom Sandoval told Radar Online on March 24. “It’s not like we will ever be best, best friends. Or anything like that.”

“At any point, I know that Jax would say something to get himself out of trouble. What is more annoying is that there are people in this world that take what he says seriously.”

Despite Taylor’s allegations, and Kristen Doute’s input, Tom Sandoval and his girlfriend are still going strong, and she claims she believes he’s completely innocent.

“You can see in the edits that there are lots of jump cuts. Tom didn’t take any selfies with this girl. No pictures. Jax was gone the entire night with this girl’s friend.”

Tom Sandoval went on to say he wished he had been harder on Taylor and Doute for their drama-causing behavior.

In addition to Taylor’s claims, Doute played a big part in the cheating scandal, as well. Not only did she speak with Kunkel on social media, she actually encouraged her to visit SUR Lounge and confront Tom Sandoval and Madix, which she did.

As the Inquisitr previously reported, Madix spoke of the allegations against Tom Sandoval in a blog entry last month.

“Every single time that someone attempts to perpetuate this story about Tom, their story changes, without fail,” she wrote.

Madix claimed each party involved in the scandal had their own reasons for doing so. For Tayor, the alleged affair took some of the heat off him. For Doute, she simply wanted Sandoval and Madix to break up because she felt Madix was the “other woman” in her own relationship with Sandoval.

Although Vanderpump Rules S has yet to be confirmed by Bravo, Tom Sandoval will likely return if it does, as he still works at SUR Lounge.

[Photo by Angela Weiss/Getty Images for OK! Magazine]